Still living!

My God!  How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy! 
~Thomas Jefferson

I’m still here. Things have been pretty crazy around here with Huzzy home, my full-time job, the Reserves, and another job that’s four hours a week on Sundays. Not only is Huzzy home, but he’s on 30 days leave, which means he’s here when I wake up, when I come home from work, on weekends… ALL. THE. TIME.

We have spent something like 66% of our marriage and he just got back from a patrol (deployment) so it’s very odd to have him here whenever I turn around. He’s leaving tomorrow to go visit his brother for a week (I can’t go because I don’t have the time at my new job) and I’m ready to have him go. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss him and will be excited for him to come back, but I need a break to ease back into this. Normally when he comes back, he works for a month or so  and then gets a week or two off before going back to work (which generally gave me a few hours a day to myself). Going from nothing to full-throttle is tough. I know my MilSpouses understand.

When he comes back, he’ll have just a few more days off before starting his new job at the waterfront. Yay, shore duty!



3 thoughts on “Still living!

  1. LOL, I remember shore duty after a particularly hard tour on a fast attack. Hubby was always around, and I just kept thinking to myself, “I love you and I want you here, but who are you and why are you here?” It’s a difficult transition… it reminds me of Chris Farley’s sketch about living in a van down by the river… “Here’s you, here’s me. There’s you, there’s me.”

  2. I remember when my husband was an instructor for two years (the only two years of shore duty in 19 years!). Four months in I looked over at him and said, “Um, do you leave soon?” Hee hee…

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