Deep Musings

Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. 
~Samuel Johnson

So the other day I was thinking some deep thoughts. Actually, I’m not sure if they were THAT deep of thoughts because they were thoughts of Kevin Bacon. Or rather, six degrees of separation… which made me think of six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

LOL, but I digress.

So the other day, there were some climbers on nearby Mt. Rainier who fell and needed rescuing. While being rescued, a park ranger fell himself and was killed. The climbers all ended up being okay. However, I saw on my Facebook that my friend’s coworker’s niece was one of the climbers. And that got me thinking. I had no idea who these climbers were yet now I find out I’m only three degrees separated by these climbers (and by reading my blog, YOU are only four degrees separated).

Here I am listening to the news and then BAM! I have a connection to a national news story. And it makes it hit quite a bit closer to home. It makes those climbers… real and not just a story you hear.

So I got to thinking… what if everyone in this world started thinking along the terms of six degrees of separation? If you think about other people in terms of that, you are most likely closely connected to them… just a few “degrees” away.  Makes what they go through hit a lot closer to home, doesn’t it?

What if everyone in this world thought that way? What if, instead of seeing someone and noticing that they were SO DIFFERENT from you, be it Democrat, Republican, man, woman, black, white, rich, poor, American or Afghani… what if we thought about them in terms of six degrees of separation? They aren’t just some stranger on the street or some story on the news or someone who just doesn’t “get” whatever you think they don’t get. They are connected to you. Quite closely, most likely.

What if we started treating people that way? Treated them like they were close to us? What would this world look like? What would living in a kinder world be like? One where instead of thinking the worst of someone or dismissing them because they are different in some way you find important… what if we treated every stranger as someone who is closely connected to us?

And that, my friends, is my deep musing of the day. Or week. Or probably month. Brought to you from 36,218ft in the air and flying at 577mph somewhere over the state of North Dakota (I’m off to do reserve duty at Boston Navy Week and scored some free wifi thanks to an online contest).


One thought on “Deep Musings

  1. Honestly, if we all treated everyone with common decency (not even what you’re describing…just decency), this world would be a better place. Most people are too self involved to even know what common decency is any longer and it’s sad.

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