The Dog Did It

Never do anything that you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics. 
~Author Unknown

I really need to come up with a good story, but in reality, I accidentally stepped off a step and into a hole dug by our dogs in the backyard last night. On the way down, I heard a horrible crunching sound.

I even managed to completely lose consciousness for a bit from shock (according to the doctors) on our way back into the house. Good thing my knight in shining armor (Huzzy) caught me!

Five hours in the ER later (everything was quick at first and my xrays were all done but then they had some MAJOR emergencies happen that delayed results for three hours), it has been determined that I have a bad ankle sprain (all my tendons are now loose) and sprained stuff in my knee. There is a small possibility I fractured them too… I’ll know if it still is painful by the end of the week. If it’s still painful, I’ll have to go back for more xrays.

I do have to say that I was rolling in laughter at one point because the bed I was in was completely flat. I wanted to sit up. So Huzzy tried to make the bed move and it ended up being something that could have come out of a slapstick comedy routine! Feet down, bed up, bed down, pitch forward, etc. He never did figure out how to get the back to sit up. The nurse who came in to check my vitals did that. LOL

So, now I’m in an air cast for my ankle, ACE bandage for my knee and crutches for them all. This better all heal quickly as I’m flying out a week from today and from then until August 6, will only have 2 days at home. Hopefully I’ll be off crutches in a week (doc said anywhere from three days to several weeks… no one can guess with sprains) because traveling through the airport with two suitcases, a laptop case and a backpack on crutches would be interesting!

Good thing Huzzy is on shore duty and can drive me to work since I have a stick shift! And, of course, help me around the house. He’s pretty amazing like that.


4 thoughts on “The Dog Did It

  1. My friend was at scout camp with my son and did the same thing, looks horrible, feels horrible. I feel bad for both of you. they told her no pressure on the foot for 2 weeks.

  2. Yeah, he should probably cook all of the meals for the next week too. I think you should say you went down a dark, mysterious alley and a band of ninjas from out of nowhere asked you to join them in a top secret mission to take down someone really evil but the evil dude from the future came back in time to trip you just as y’all were about to leave. Yep, that’s what you should say. BTW, can you tell I’ve started watching Doctor Who? Lol…

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