Infertility Questions

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

So I’m going to try and make it a point to post more. I think I lost most of my followers, though. But this blog isn’t for getting X number of followers… it’s for me and also in hopes that I can help someone else on their journey as a MilSpouse,  Reservist… and now maybe someone going through infertility.

I have my first appointment with my PCM next Friday. I have to go there before getting a referral out to an OBGYN. It looks as though there are no RE’s (reproductive endocrinologists) in the area. At least not that I could find in the TriCare system. Maybe there are at the Naval Hospital, but I don’t go there so I have no clue.

Infertility. Gosh… that’s such a scary word. And while we’ve only been “trying” for six months… the better part of the year before was mostly not preventing. So the doctor’s office actually classified it as an infertility when I called about it.

So I’m starting a journey that I know pretty much nothing about it. I’m hoping that whatever is our issue  can be fixed quickly. I guess I should say my issue. Huzzy already had an SA (semen analysis) and it’s not him. Not at all. Actually, he is so okay that he could be called Superman. It’s absolutely all my issue.

So for those who have been through this before… where should I make sure we start? With this being my PCM, I’m not sure if she’s going to order any tests at all or if she’s just going to straight refer me somewhere.


17 thoughts on “Infertility Questions

  1. I got my referral for an RE back in March and that was after trying for 18 months. My PCM was less than helpful and I had to pretty much fight for my referral. If they are already classifying it as infertility, I would think you would be able to get a referral pretty quickly! I did all my tests (for now) in just a couple of months and now we’re waiting for my husband to come back from his deployment to move forward. Hopefully you’ll get the help you need pretty quickly!

  2. Hey Lady!
    You need to stop saying “it’s all my fault”. It’s not Good to be that hard on yourself. We battled 3+ years and we were both “fine”. It’s hard and I hate to see you or anyone start this unknown, super shitty journey. I hope you get answers and help soon. Know you have lots of people who have gone through this before and twitter is the best support. -Amanda

  3. We are going through fertility treatments ourselves. My PCM is the military community clinic in my area that is associated with Madigan. When I first had my appointment with her, she did initiate a lot of blood work and then referred me to the RE at Madigan. We had been trying for just about a year, and with my history, we knew it was going to be a challenge. I’ve been very happy with the clinic and the physicians there. My sister-in-law (also a military wife) is in San Diego seeing a civilian provider in the Tricare network for fertility issues, and our treatments are completely different. I honestly feel like my treatment is more aggressive than hers; more action less let’s wait and see what happens. I know Madigan is a far cry to drive, but maybe worse case scenario?

  4. When I met with my primary doctor, she just asked me some questions and then wrote me a referral to an OB/GYN. The appointment only took about 20 minutes and then we were done and the referral was on its way. I’m sure every case is different but after meeting with you, you’re doctor will know what the next step should be. We are kind of in the same situation as you: my husband is better than fine so before we met with our OB, I thought the problem was all me. But, after multiple blood tests and ultrasounds, my doctor can’t find anything wrong with me either. It has definitely been frustrating for me knowing that I should be able to get pregnant but can’t. You’re definitely not alone in this journey.

  5. If you’ve only been “trying” for 6 months, I wouldn’t worry about it too much yet. I know that’s much easier said that done. It took us almost 8 months to get pregnant with my oldest child, and that was with me actively charting and taking my temps and all that fun jazz. And it took a month with my second. Are you charting? Also, I swear that the vitamin B12 helped me get pregnant both times. It’s supposed to up your progesterone levels which in turn can lengthen your luteal phase. The month after I started taking 1 B12 pill a day, I got pg with my oldest. Best of luck! I know how incredibly hard it is to want to be pregnant and watch everyone around you get pregnant. I hope your wish comes true soon!!

  6. And I forgot to say, my husband and I weren’t really preventing anything for 3+ years before we started charting. Here’s hoping it’s lucky #7 for you!!

  7. At my age (30s), with the issues I’ve had in the last year and with my family history, there is no time to wait. I may not have my uterus at all in five years or so. We’d like two children, so we can’t “wait and see” for too long. That’s the reason my doctor told me to come in after six months.

    Yes, we are charting. Yes, I’ve been taking B-12 supplements for years due to other issues.

  8. My good buddy weemason’s mom ( sent me your way. I am the proud mommy of a beautiful 8 month old miracle baby (boy) after 3 years and 8 months of infertility.

    First and foremost never give up hope. Miracles (if that’s what you want to call them) happen each and every day. I do NOT ovulate on my own (or very rarely do) and we conceived our son on a ttc/med break.

    My advice for you:
    **things to do — you already bbt and do the b-12 (way to go) but I would also try preseed (instead of lube – lube kills sperm) and maybe try an instead cup (after sex). Do you take a prenatal vitamin? Also (not sure if this applies to you or not) try losing or gaining weight to get to a healthy BMI. I’ve always been borderline underweight and I didn’t conceive until I was at my heaviest adult weight (not sure if this helped or not but hey why not). Other things I tried & loved – yoga and acupuncture.
    **things to ask and expect — your first appt will probably be a lot of answering questions (bring your bbt charts) and coming up with a “plan”. You should have your dr take blood work to see if you ovulate/what your progesterone levels are (gah I can’t remember what day they do this) – they will probably suggest this but my first fertility specialist put me right on clomid without testing me and low-and-behold the dosage he had me on (for 6 month mind you) was not enough to raise my progesterone. Clomid is probably going to be your drs first suggestion since it’s relatively “cheap” – keep in mind that clomid symptoms mimic pregnancy symptoms – it’s really evil “feeling pregnant” but it (clomid) works or it did for my sad dusty ol’ uterus. Don’t get frustrated if they don’t find a reason for your infertility issues – you aren’t alone. I was technically diagnosed with unexplained infertility for years and then right before I conceived I was diagnosed with LPD & low (to no) progesterone. We were saving up for a HSG or adoption when we conceived our son.

    I can’t think of anything else right now but if you have any questions or need/want to talk or vent my email is infertilenanny (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Best of luck & baby dust! (and sorry for the long long reply)


  9. Aw, thanks Beansmommy. We are already doing Preseed and the prenatal as well (been on prenatal for more than a year now). Never heard of instead though. As for weight… I’m a bit overweight but am in the Navy Reserve so I’m still in standards for that =)

    Clomid is what I’m expecting for the first thing to try. I ovulate on my own (or so my charts say very clearly!), but I still expect it. I didn’t know about the side effects, though.

    Thank you for the insight!

  10. Our re was not very helpful, and I had to insult a Army Captain to even get to see one (they had them at walter reed). They ordered a cd3 blood test: they check your hormones on day 3 of your cycle. They also ordered an HSG test, which was kinda painful but they inject you with dye and then scan you to see if there are any blockages in your fallopian tubes and can see your uterus. I was fine, which might be why going to the re wasn’t productive for us.

    Having said that, fight for it if anybody gives you a hard time. We did.

  11. wishing you the best of luck! I can tell you every minute, every dollar, every tear you cry will be worth it. I would have waited my entire lifetime for my son – he’s amazing!

  12. Hopefully you get the help you need. I’m seeing a fertility specialist myself and had to have surgery because my tubes were closed. Hope you get some good results. I’m praying for you hun. Good luck!!

  13. Hi! Found you via Diana. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant to no avail for a while now. Not quite long enough to justify a fertility visit just yet but the idea that we may have to go that route this time has crossed my mind (we were able to conceive our daughter on the first try). Anyway, I’m totally stoked to find your blog because IDK where to even start with this. While I really hope this is a very short journey for you, it’s nice to know I’m not alone in my uncertainty. You basically described a lot of what has been on my mind with this post.

    Question: why/when did your H have an SA?

  14. Kayla,

    My husband had the SA in June and he had it because it is always good to have that as a first step since it’s much easier for a man to get tested than for a woman to get tested 😉 Good luck!

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