First RE Appointment

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. 
~Joyce Brothers

My first RE appointment was a week ago last Thursday, which was at Joint Base Lewis McChord’s Madigan Hospital.

Since it’s at least an hour and a half drive in no traffic, we left early and got there a little more than 30 minutes early, which was the time I was told to be there (15 minutes before my actual appointment so I could fill out paperwork). One of the awesome things about the clinic is that it is NOT in the same office as the OBGYN there. Which means, no sitting in an office with happy pregnant women and cute, giggling children. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids but it’s tough to be around them right now. It was definitely a bonus.

By the time I filled out the paperwork, it was still 10 minutes before I was told to be there and 25 minutes before my paperwork. We sat in the waiting area for just five minutes before being escorted into a room. And the doctor showed up right when I was supposed to arrive… so he started 15 minutes BEFORE my actual appointment time! Huge awesomeness!

We went over our medical histories and he told me he was going to put me on Clomid. It concerned me a bit because my OBGYN didn’t want to put me on it because I clearly ovulate. The doctor told me his job is to get me pregnant so they would throw everything at me they could. After researching it, I’ve found that not only does Clomid make you ovulate, but even if you already do, it can make you ovulate STRONGER and make sure your eggs mature the way they should.

He also wanted to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound to check everything. He knew I was leaving the next day for the next five days and that I was expecting to ovulate while I was gone. He told me that if he saw my eggs were mature, he’d give me a trigger shot to make me ovulate. Unfortunately, when he took a look, I had “small, no where near ready” eggs… eight on the left ovary and “too many to count” on the right. I’m not sure what those numbers mean but he didn’t seem concerned.

So of course I ovulated while I was on travel and this month is a complete bust. But, the good news is I’ll be doing Clomid CD3-7.  I have to call on the first day of my period so we can schedule another trans-vaginal ultrasound to monitor my ovulation.

Hopefully this works and we don’t have to go any farther. But who knows. I know it still might not happen on the first try.



2 thoughts on “First RE Appointment

  1. I’m glad your appointment went well. I ovulated regularly before I took Clomid and it still worked for me on the second cycle. Don’t get too discouraged if it doesn’t work the first cycle. Sometimes it takes a couple cycles to kick in. Good luck!

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