RE Follow-Up Appointment

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
~Oprah Winfrey

I had my second RE appointment yesterday down at Madigan. It was to check my follicles after my first round of Clomid, which I took CD3-7 (this was CD12). The results kinda surprised me.

They found that I only have one follicle that is close to maturing at 17mm. I always ovulate on my own, so the Clomid didn’t “make” me ovulate or even help me ovulate more. So we aren’t sure if it worked this month. However, it could still make this follicle and ovulation stronger/healthier. I’m definitely not trying to have multiples (though I’m not against twins), but I was hoping to have at least two follicles that would give me twice the chance of working since one hasn’t been. Oh well… just hoping it’s a better and healthier one that will stick!

We also found out that my lining is at 9.2, which is good and my AMH level is at 2.75, which I’m told is good as well. So it’s not my lining thickness nor my egg reserve.

If I don’t ovulate on my own by tomorrow, I have to do a trigger with Ovidrel. That just means I have to give myself a shot in the belly to MAKE me ovulate.

If I don’t get pregnant for this cycle, we’ll try Clomid again for at least five more cycles. They may up my dosage either this next cycle or at some other point. If Clomid doesn’t work after six cycles, it’s done. The chances of getting pregnant after six cycles of Clomid are the same as not using it at all, so it would be pointless. The next thing would be IUI or IVF.

Because everything is normal/fine, I’m being classified as “unexplained infertility.” Unexplained infertility only accounts for 10-15% of those couples who are considered infertile (85-90% have an actual reason they are infertile, like PCOS, low sperm count, endo, etc). Everything is working that they know of, but for some reason, it’s not happening.

I have been told that most couples with unexplained infertility will conceive within six or seven years (yes, years) on their own without help. So with help, many can get pregnant within six months of fertility treatments. Some can’t at all without IVF. A small percentage can’t even with that.

So that’s where we are. Shots and pills for the next five months or until I get pregnant. Then it’d be even meds for IVF if we have to get to that point (hopefully not).

It’s just so hard to understand. Something that is so easy, KIDS can do it on their own… yet I need doctors, injections, pills, many hours of sick leave to get to appointments, etc just to do it. And we don’t even know if THAT will do it.



5 thoughts on “RE Follow-Up Appointment

  1. I hate the cliche, everything happens for a reason or your time will come, at theorist where your at it always feels like salt in a wound. But I’m thinking about you and sending you good thoughts and lots of prayers!

  2. There really isn’t anything to say to make this any easier. It just plain sucks and I’m so sorry you are having to go through all this. I truly hope things work out and you receive the desires of your heart.

  3. I’m so very sorry. I wish I had something better to say than that. I am so glad that they have a plan of attack, and I hope that it works quickly. Keep your chin up.

  4. I know just having a plan makes you feel a little bit better. I know it would for me! that’s the military in me I guess. can’t wait to be a part of this journey with you. I know your bravery in sharing your story will bless so many people.

  5. I don”t want to rain on your progress to pregnancy, I just want to tell you my story about how God worked with me. My boys are 30 and 26 so this was a long time ago (medically speaking) but I had an overy removed when I was 18 due to it getting tangled up with my appendix and it’s own pesital and it went septic. I was really sick for about 4 months before this was diagnosed and the recovery was about 6 weeks as it was a hugh exporlatory sergury to find the problem. We went to a fertitiliy specialist about 6 years later. He put me on Clomid for 6 months then did a laporosctomy and told me the remaining overy never went thru puberty. It was as a baby’s overy would look. He said he’s help us adopt. My husband said no way to adoption even tho I was totally on board. We quit thinking about it and 4 years later I discovered morning sickness. I realized I hadn’t had a period in six months (not an unsual curcumstance for me) and got a home pregnancy test. Needless to say. it was positive. Keep up the hopes and prayers. God will answer you in his time. I will pray for him to bless you with a child.

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