Donning my battle gear

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
~Author Unknown

I haven’t posted much on my infertility journey but that’s because nothing really has been worth posting. January’s cycle has come and gone and while it also looked promising, it was also a no-go. My RE suggested last month to start IUI but we wanted to try again last month on our “own” (if you can call it that with Clomid) before needing to add yet another step.

But here we are at the next step. We’ll be doing IUI this month. Because Madigan doesn’t do IUI, they have a sort of agreement with Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM) and so we’ll be going there once I get a +OPK. Luckily, that agreement comes with a very low cost of $200.  That cost is only for the procedure since TriCare picks up the cost of the Clomid that we are also on for this cycle.

Normally, we don’t pay anything out of pocket for health insurance stuff (and I totally know how lucky we are in that respect since I used to pay my own) except for anything we don’t get at the military’s hospital pharmacy, like my prenatals. Even then, they don’t cost much more than a couple of Starbucks coffees. However, TriCare will not pay for anything “artificial” and since IUI involves artificial insemination, we have to pay for it. It would be the same for IVF if we have to get to that point.

Basically, I’ll be starting the OPKs as soon as AF is finished and once I get a positive, I’m to call both Madigan and SRM. I’m not sure if they’ll have me go in that day (I don’t test ’til 5ish in the afternoon, which is what my RE wants) or if they’ll have me go in the next day. I’d rather go in the next day since I tend to have two to three days of +OPKs before I actually ovulate. It’ll be nice not having to worry about our timing this month. Scheduled intercourse gets REALLY old, REALLY quickly.

I’ve been asked if I want twins. The answer is: I’ll take whatever God gives me. Since we only plan to have two kids, it’d be nice to not have to go through this again. HOWEVER, twins are higher risk for both me and babies and that’s totally scary. Not to mention two screaming newborns at once would be nuts. So whatever happens, happens.

In all honesty, though… there’s not much chance of twins happening.  The last two cycles on Clomid have still only been one egg. Same as they were when I wasn’t on Clomid. Most likely, there will only be one egg.  Clomid doesn’t seem to be actually working for me in that respect.  Not only that, but the odds are really low for it even if I were to ovulate two eggs.





6 thoughts on “Donning my battle gear

  1. I use Madigan too. I’ve used SRM for both IUI and IVF. I can only say YIKES to what I paid for all those , 6 IUIs and 2 IVFs, out of pocket ARTs. Still no baby.

    Have you asked about doing injection stims? You might have better egg production using those with less of the nasty side effects of the clomid.

    Good Luck!

  2. Rebecca… no I haven’t asked about injectables because I already O on my own. So since I produce an egg each month, they won’t go farther than Clomid (which I’m surprised they wanted to do already).

  3. *hugs* I really wish there were something I could do for you to help you, something to say, anything really. All I can say is, I’m here to listen if you want an ear…I can also feed you whatever you want if you want food.

  4. DO the IUI right away! We were like you & did the drugs the first time around & then just had sex & failed! All the girls in the lab said you HAVE TO do the IUI next time, It will work! So that’s what we did! Ours cost us just a little over 400$ but that’s in La Jolla, Ca!!! So we didid the IUI but with different set of drugs for me & they were easier for my body to endure during to the cycle but it was triple dosage & burned a lot just during the injection! But I would do it all over again if I had to, but we didn’t!!!! We had our BFP after 11+ years of TTTC!!! I had always wanted twins my whole life but was blessed with one! We were happy no matter what God gave us! I am currently in week 37 with a baby girl! Drs were just trying to make sure I got to 37, & I did!!! I am 40 years old so we’ll see if this will be our only one or not! I want one more hubs says we are done! Unfortunately looks like hubs will miss her birth unless Dr. puts an order for bedrest or ups my health level to more dangerous. He left in deployment in mid January! 😦 it’s really hard on him too since we have tried so long for Peanut & she might be a one & only! Anyway, DO the IUI & I have a feeling you will be blessed! I don’t regret it! I just wish I would have done the IUI on the first round too & maybe hubs would have been here for her birth at least!!! Good luck!!! 🙂

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