IUI #1 Results

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
~John Lennon


On Monday, February 25, we went in for our IUI. After Huzzy’s contribution was washed and processed, the numbers looked fantastic. More than fantastic, actually.

Post Wash Numbers

Volume: 0.5mL
Concentration: 60 million
Motility: 80%
Rapid and Linear: 16%
Total Motile Sperm: 24 million


The IUI itself wasn’t too bad. I did use the bathroom just before we went in, and with this clinic, apparently they’d prefer you to have a full bladder. Apparently, some don’t but this one does, so if you go in for one, check beforehand. Because I didn’t have a full bladder, she did have to push on my uterus.

I had some slight cramping and the speculum wasn’t really comfortable because they can’t lubricate it at all or it might kill the sperm. The cramping stopped the moment it was finished. I think it took five minutes in all. She didn’t have me stay reclining or anything. Pretty much a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. Literally.

And then it was time to settle in for the two week wait. I normally have a 10-11 day LP, so it doesn’t take too long. By 12dpiui (I ovulated the same day as the IUI), AF still wasn’t here. I took a test and had a stark white BFN.

The next morning, 13dpiui, I took another test. After three minutes, I saw it. It was a faint line. I almost dropped the test. I went to wake Huzzy up and asked him to look at it. He saw it too (and with his glasses and not contacts… he can’t see as well with his glasses). I was cautiously excited. That afternoon, I took another test… BFN. But I wasn’t tooooo worried about it because it wasn’t first morning urine. I also started spotting that day. It scared me, but I know a lot of people spot when they are pregnant. Heck, apparently my grandma spotted heavily the entire first trimester with my uncle and again with my mom.

So the next morning, 14dpiui, I took another test. BFN. Stark white, BFN. Spotting started to get heavier. I went in for a beta that day and the next morning, I got the results: negative (less than two). It was a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage).

So, here we go one more time before a break so I can get ready for my Navy physical readiness test. We are doing 50mg Clomid again and IUI. Today, I’m on CD6 and I have a least a week and  a half before IUI.  Hopefully it works this time because man… this is getting so tiring. I don’t know how those of you who go through all this just to then go through IVF and deal with all the crap that comes with that.



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