Considering the next step

Choices are the hinges of destiny. 
~ Pythagoras

So next week, we have a WTF appointment with the RE. Of course, it’s a new one that I haven’t met before. This is basically the last appointment with them before deciding if we are staying with them (Madigan Army Hospital).

I’m not a fan AT ALL that I haven’t stepped foot in the office for three months, yet have done three rounds of Clomid and two IUIs during that timeframe. I don’t like that. I don’t like that I am made to feel as if I’m testing their patience when I ask questions or question why things are being done one way vs another (truly, I’m curious). This is all on top of them not giving me the basic blood tests that everyone else goes through like progesterone or estrogen. I finally got them to do the progesterone test by saying I wanted it to make sure I ovulated (because they wouldn’t do it to see if I had enough to even CARRY a pregnancy). Guess what? It’s a very low number that can’t sustain pregnancy. But they said it was fine and it would increase if I got pregnant (it’s not high enough for that to even happen).

I also don’t like that they seem to forget things that I tell them, like that I’ve been using OPKs for a year now. Since they “prescribed” them two months ago, they think I’ve only been using them for two months, even though I’ve told them twice it’s been a year. The last phone call had the nurse saying, “Oh, you’ve been using them for a year?? Well, then, it’s DEFINITELY time for you to come in and for us to talk about doing something else.”  Um… yeah.

There’s also other things like the fact that I was ovulating before they put me on Clomid. On the two cycles I was monitored (the second being only half monitored), I only ovulated one egg each time. Ya know… exactly what I was doing without the drugs.

It’s time to move on. I realize that the last IUI wasn’t ideal in numbers, but it’s time to change the drugs I’m on. Because I don’t trust the RE to do what is right for ME (rather than treating me as just a checklist), I feel I need to go in with a plan and see what they have to say.

Right now, I’m trying to decide if I should ask for Femara or injectables like Gonal-F or Follitism.

Femara is similar to Clomid (though not FDA-approved for infertility… but has been used around the world for it). It has less side-effects than Clomid and generally doesn’t produce as many follicles as Clomid. I have a hard time thinking this is the right choice because I ovulate one egg on my own each month. I have no issues with ovulation. I only ovulated one egg on Clomid, same as without drugs, and Femera generally makes you ovulate only one egg… so what’s the reason for me to take it? I’m not sure of this and need to research more.

The injectables biggest side effect is increased follicles, which makes for a tender belly. You can also get migraines and hot flashes… which I had both while on Clomid on various cycles. Increased follicles means increased chances of multiples. From what I’ve read, injectables give you a 15-20% chance of multiples (95-97% of those are twins). Compare that to Femara’s multiple rate of 2-4% and Clomid’s rate of 7-10%.  While I’d love twins, I know they come with a bunch of risks for both babies and mom. That terrifies me. And anything more than twins? Freaks me the eff out.

So right now, we are still trying to figure out what to do. We have a week before our appointment. For those who have gone through/are going through infertility… what would you do? What do you think our next step should be?



4 thoughts on “Considering the next step

  1. I have no words of wisdom for you just know that I am thinking of you whatever you decide. My heart breaks that you have to go through any of this. You are loved my friend.

  2. I love that you are being your own advocate! Please know I am praying for you and thinking of you! Hopefully this appointment will give you some answers!

  3. You should go in with your list of issues and if they even remotely seem to blow you off, go somewhere else. It sure seems that they are missing things that could help and keep you informed as to what is going on with your body. You have good instincts, use them!

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