Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link Up!

You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.

Hello and Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! I wanted to put together a MilSpouse Link Up so we could get to know each other and maybe find new blogs.  So write a post introducing yourself and link up with Mr. Linky below. Please visit other blogs and let them know you found them through the link up and please feel free to use the image below in your post!


Hi! I’m Wifey (well, that’s what my husband calls me) and Huzzy is my husband. We’ve been married for more than four years now and he’s been in the Navy for more than 14 years. Though I was born and raised in Michigan, we now live in the beautiful state of

Surprising Huzzy on the Dependent's Cruise after a long patrol... he had no idea I was coming! (No, I'm not that short, he's just super tall. I'm 5'5")

Surprising Huzzy on the Dependent’s Cruise after a long patrol… he had no idea I was coming! (No, I’m not that short, he’s just super tall. I’m 5’5″)

Washington… and this is where we intend to make our home for the rest of our years.  Not only is Huzzy in the Navy, but I’m in the Navy as well. And I work for the Navy as a civilian. So I guess you could say the Navy owns nearly every aspect of my life.

We have two enormous dogs, Skah the 5 year old Great Pyrenees and Lulu the 7 year old Greyhound, and twin cats, Kissy and Skully. We’ve been trying to have kids for quite a while now, but I’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We’ve tried Clomid and IUIs, but nothing has worked so far. Right now, we are in the middle of a break so I can focus on getting ready for my physical test for the Navy.

Around here, I blog about what’s going on in my life. Sometimes it’s the Navy, sometimes it’s infertility, and somethings it’s something else. Right now, Huzzy is on shore duty (yay!), so it’s kinda like he has a “regular” job (other than the uniform he wears and 24hr duty several times a month) so I don’t always have a whole lot to say about that at this time. Right now, it’s more about infertility because that’s the major frustration.  Of course, I deal with an Army hospital for my infertility issues… so there’s always talk about that!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the link up!



10 thoughts on “Military Spouse Appreciation Day Link Up!

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  2. Happy Mil-Spouse day! Haven’t actually been on your site in awhile, been reading it through a feed, love the new layout!

  3. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! I didn’t realize you were from Michigan. I am from Michigan as well. I’m from the Brighton/Ann Arbor Area. Small world huh? Thanks again for hosting the link up!

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