It’s okay

Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary. 
~Mark Twain

I was blindsided at work Monday.

A month or two ago, a coworker caught me in the hall and said she heard I was trying to get pregnant and having issues. She then asked me for advice since she and her husband had been trying for a year. I loaned her my Taking Charge of Your Fertility book and talked to her about things that she should start with (blood tests, including thyroid, and semen analysis, ect). I told her that after a year (she is in her late 20s), she should get a referral to an RE.

Monday, she brought in ultrasound photos and told me she was pregnant. She did say that she hated to tell me, but needed to share. Unfortunately, she did it in the middle of my open office that I share with five other people. I started tearing up. But something I knew was solidified that day.

It’s okay to be happy for someone else while being sad for your own situation.

It’s okay to smile and show joy for someone while tearing up for yourself.

It’s okay.

Do you allow yourself to be sad for yourself even though you are happy for others? Or do you beat yourself up because you don’t think you should be jealous/sad/angry/disappointed in your own situation?



3 thoughts on “It’s okay

  1. I actually allow myself to be happy for the pregnancy even though it isn’t mine. I figure that someone has beat the odds…finally, even if it isn’t me.

  2. It went the other way for me. Knowing it’s so hard for others to get pregnant made me feel so sad for them and I felt guilty being happy about my own pregnancy (once the shock and fear wore off) when my friend was trying and struggling to get pregnant. I still feel sadness for all of those that struggle to get pregnant. My heart aches for you all and I wish I could help you all in some way, even if it’s just a hug when you need it.

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