Guest Blog Post: A Different Ending

I put a call out for guest bloggers while I’m traveling home to Michigan for my younger brother’s wedding reception. This is the last post and it’s by a fantastic person who blogs under the name Armymomma over at Armymomma’s Blog. She’s been married to her Army husband for nine years.


My husband (otherwise known as Armydad) and I got married a month after my 21st birthday. We both knew we wanted kids. On our first anniversary, Armydad decided we were not going to start trying, but we were also not going to use protection. I, of course, went into secret ‘I am charting and trying really hard’ mode! After 3 months, I was feeling discouraged and Armydad was showing some

Armymomma's first family picture as a family of 4, taken Easter 2008 less than 2 weeks after Thing2 was born.

Armymomma’s first family picture as a family of 4, taken Easter 2008 less than 2 weeks after Thing2 was born.

surprise that we were not pregnant. So, we started actively trying: taking temperatures, ovulatios kits, and timed intercourse. Three months later, I knew in my gut that it was not going to happen for us. Armydad thought I was being overly dramatic and kept telling me to give it more time. He was not ready to talk about whether or not something was ‘wrong.’

Fast forward almost 2 years later. By that point, I had given up all hope. For my birthday. I asked for one thing: a decision from Armydad about either seeing a doctor or starting the adoption process. I just wanted kids and did not care how we got there. At the time, he was not yet in the Army. We had health insurance that covered no fertility treatments whatsoever. We chose to move to adoption without ever pursuing fertility treatments or extensive testing.
For Armydad, the reasons were more financial. He did not want to spend thousands of dollars on things that might not work and would still leave us childless. Instead, he preferred to move to a sure thing. For me, I didn’t want to know what our issue was. I knew myself well enough to know I would place blame. I would hate myself if it was me and I would hate Armydad on my bad days if it was him.
My birthday was in November. We had our first meeting with the adoption agency in January, were home study ready and waiting in March. Our precious son was born in July and placed in our arms at 10 days of age. In the end, for us, it was quicker and less expensive to adopt.  Less than 2 years later, we were again ready to add to our family. That process from first phone call to baby in our arms was less than 4 months!


If you want to learn more about Armymomma, considering following her over at her blog.

I hope you enjoyed the guest posts while I’ve been on vacation!



4 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: A Different Ending

  1. I think the internet needs more adoption stories like this – all you hear about is how people tried to adopt and faced complication after complication and it took six years and five failed tries before something worked out. I think people would be more likely to try to adopt if they heard stories like yours where stuff went fairly smoothly and quickly!

    I’m glad things worked out for you guys and you got the child you’d hoped for. Thank you for sharing your story

  2. What a blessing! My parents also got a very quick adoption with my sister back in the 80’s. I love hearing stories like yours. I have a friend who went through 3 adoption losses (mom decided to parent at last second) before finally getting her first daughter. I’m glad you shared the route you took and that it worked in your favor quickly. You have a beautiful family!

  3. I think your story is amazing and your two boys are so lucky to have such loving parents.

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