The Sadly Funny Side of Infertility

I’ve always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying, “Ain’t that the truth.” 
~Quincy Jones

Infertility isn’t funny. At all. Until you make a YouTube mini-series about what people go through. And then it becomes so funny because the video is ridiculous… in a very sad funny kind of way. Because, unfortunately, this video is extremely true-to-life. Yes, people really say things like this. Yes, you really do things like that.

I’ve been meaning to put the “None in the Oven” videos up for a while (like six months), but keep forgetting. Here’s the first two… enjoy!

I seriously think I’m going to start a Twitter hashtag of #noneintheoven. The phrase amuses me.



3 thoughts on “The Sadly Funny Side of Infertility

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