Thursday Thoughts #7: Autumn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
~Albert Camus

Thursday Thoughts

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When I think of autumn, I think of the traditional things: cooler weather, changing leaves, pumpkins, bright sunny days and frosty nights. Autumn is a bit different here in the Pacific Northwest. Here, it’s a tug-of-war of summer and winter.

Summers here are 70-85 degrees and sunny most days. The middle of winter is usually 40s and drizzle. Autumn brings days that are like summer (like last Thursday when it was 78 degrees and sunny!) and days closer to winter (like most of the days since then… 60s and drizzly). The farther into autumn we go, the more the days we see that are rainier until the we hit winter when the majority of the days are drizzly.

Growing up, I remember autumn as a welcome relief from the blazing hot days of a Midwest summer. It meant raking leaves from our big maple tree and jumping in the piles we created. It meant finishing up the harvest on my uncle’s farm and in our own large garden. It meant the beginning of a new school year (I always loved the excitement of new teachers, new classes, and new books).

One thing I didn’t like about autumn while growing up was it meant winter was on its heels. The brutal winters of Northern Michigan seemed endless and while I loved autumn, I hated what I knew was coming after it. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I’m not a huge fan of winter because it means less sunshine, but I don’t dread it. Because of this, autumn is even more pleasant for me, even though autumn isn’t the same as where I grew up.

What does autumn mean to you?


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3 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts #7: Autumn

  1. I grew up in Michigan as well. Lower Michigan. I love what Autum meant with Apple Orchards and doughnuts. But like you, I wasn’t a fan of winters as I got older. I enjoyed them as a kid.

  2. Autumn is probably more like that here in Arizona. I’m in the southwest part of the state so we are experiencing like an early summer type of weather. Very different from where I grew up in NJ.

  3. As a teacher, autumn means back to school and the end of the summer holidays. As a resident of Vancouver Island, autumn is the start of the long, rainy winter. (It’s been pouring for the past couple of days and the forecast is for yet more rain.) Occasionally I try to be positive and call it “liquid sunshine” like a few really perky people I know, but perkiness isn’t really my strong suit, so I usually call it something I shouldn’t type on someone else’s blog!

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