No MilSpouse Secret Santa This Year

At Christmas, all roads lead home. 
~Marjorie Holmes

Well, as the title says, I’m not going to be doing a MilSpouse Secret Santa this year. This holiday season, I’ll be busy doing my IVF cycle and I really won’t have the time–or patience–to deal with it and the inevitable whining and complaining about the gifts they received that comes from one or two people each year.

I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone, but there aren’t many people reading my blog anymore and there was a really reduced response to it last year.



8 thoughts on “No MilSpouse Secret Santa This Year

  1. I’m sorry about that, although I definitely know what you mean about whiny people – regardless of military or not. I’ve been to ornament exchanges in the past where grown women acted like they were having a temper tantrum; all because of something that’s supposed to be in the spirit of a holiday and where no one spent more than $5.

  2. It’s okay that you aren’t doing it. I’ve decided to skip all swaps and stuff right now in attempt to pay off the rest of my debt. Sorry about whiny people.. you can’t control what other people send.

    I still didn’t ever receive a package last year from my partner 😦 It’s honestly okay–promise!!

  3. Whitney: That’s another reason I’m not doing it. Can’t stand people not following through.

  4. I think you’re allowed to put yourself first 🙂 I had some drama with my secret blog Santa too, but still had fun doing it! Hopefully this Christmas will bring you something very special!!

  5. I’m sad to hear it’s not happening this year, I have really enjoyed doing it these past two years. I do understand why your not though. But I want you to know that I really appreciated the Secret Santa. It was really nice to receive a package from someone else in a situation so close to mine who I’d never met before. And since we are in Japan, it was a little extra special getting something from the states. Thank you for the last two, and if you ever do them again I’ll be signing up! 🙂

  6. I completely understand I know you had a lot of problems with it last year. I’ll miss it but don’t blame you at all.

    Maybe I’ll host a Christmas card exchange or stocking swap or something on my blog to make up for it for the people like me who had good experiences with it. I’ll think about it this weekend.

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