Thursday Thoughts #9: Simplicity

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. 

Thursday Thoughts

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Since Thursday Thoughts was not well-received, this will be the last week for it. Thanks to those who participated. I will no longer be doing a weekly meme of any sort after this one. 

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I try to enjoy the simple things in life. As I was driving home from my acupuncture appointment today, I was marveling at the awe-inspiring snow-capped mountains that surrounded me. I’ve been admiring the gorgeous changing leaves on the trees and enjoying the change of the seasons.

But I struggle with simplicity in my home. I feel like we have too much stuff and it’s hard to part with it. It’s even harder when with a husband who comes from a family of near-hoarders. I would like to get back to a place where I just have what I need and no more. I want to enjoy the simple things.

A cup of hot chocolate. I don’t need a Keurig.

A good book. I don’t need a Reader.

Spending time with my husband. We don’t need to spend money to do that.

What does simplicity mean to you?



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