Chugging along

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Everything is just chugging along around here.

I started Lupron last Sunday night and had disgustingly wet hot flashes that night and woke up with a Lupron headache Monday morning. Monday’s shots brought no symptoms, but Tuesday’s brought an insane itch where the medicine went in for about a half hour after the injection and a slight headache for most of the day Wednesday.  Wednesday night? Nothing.   It seems as though my right side doesn’t like the Lupron and the left is okay with it (I alternate sides).

Kissy has been keeping me company lately. Isn't she adorable?

Thought I’d share this photo of Kissy cat laying on my lap trying to look cute. Is it working?

I’m so ready to be off birth control. Tomorrow night will be my last pill. My suppression check is Wednesday, so we’ll see how my body is reacting and if it’s playing nice.

The other thing I’m worrying about is whether or not Huzzy will be there for the egg retrieval and/or transfer with me. It’s obviously more important for him to be there at the retrieval because he needs to provide his part of the process and I’ll be coming out of anesthesia and won’t be allowed to drive home. For the transfer… well, this whole thing is all so clinical, but I’d like for him to at least be in the ROOM when I become PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise). I mean… can’t we have at least that? We can do frozen sperm beforehand, and may have to, but that costs more money and still would mean he’d have to make a trip to Seattle.

The reason I am worrying is that his command started getting irritated at all the doctors’ visits he was having to go to in August (and he wasn’t even coming to mine, other than IUI and stuff!). The military considers this an elective procedure and will not “mandate” the service member to be present. I get it… kids are a choice, but we are fixing a physical issue and I’m not allowed to drive after the retrieval.

We’ll see what his command says when the duty schedule is posted next week. Duty days include being at work by 0600 on the duty day and not leaving work until either 0700 the next day (if it’s a weekend) or until they stop work for the day (generally around 1300-1600) if it’s a weekday. He’s not allowed to leave when he has duty, unless it’s an emergency and they can bring in a replacement.

On top of all the IVF fun, grad school started back for me this week. Since they are eight week classes, it’s considered full-time grad school even with one class. When I finish with the semester in December, I will be more than ¼ of the way to getting my Master’s Degree. Woot!

Other than that, nothing new is going on with me.



6 thoughts on “Chugging along

  1. That is such BS if they don’t give him the time to go. But typical Navy. We got lucky with an amazingly supportive command throughout the whole process. Here’s hoping your husband’s command does the decent thing.

  2. I can’t believe you have to deal with the Navy getting pissed about your husband’s time spent away for medical reasons! So excited for you moving forward with all of this – looking forward to reading a post about the success 🙂 And CONGRATS on working through your Master’s program on top of all of this!

  3. Hopefully his command gets a clue. My brother got a bit of grief when he was stateside for TDY and wanted to take some leave to see his wife (who was still here due to IVF). But then the XO’s wife got a hold of the XO’s ear and things worked out for him. I know being there for the retrieval is the most important part, but it really wasn’t too bad for the transfer to go alone. Sucked, but not impossible. Would he be able to switch duty days with somebody, once they determine how you’re responding to the meds? At least for that you’ll know a few days in advance of the retrieval to try to switch.

  4. He’s trying to switch now. But where he is, it takes a lot of work to switch and higher ups have to sign off,etc. It’s not like most duty rosters because duty is nearly set in stone

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