And then there were eight…

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.  
~Dale Carnegie

Tonight will be my eighth night of stim meds and I haven’t even updated in a week! (side note: you can follow my IVF progress on Our Infertility Timeline page… I’ll be updating that even if I don’t make a post about it)

At Friday’s scan and appointment, the doctor thought I might be ready for trigger tonight (meaning only seven days of stim meds), or possibly Tuesday through Thursday. That was Day 5 and at that appointment, my estrogen had skyrocketed from less than five the week before at the suppression scan to 382 that day (after being 97 just two days prior, when they were hoping it’d be 50). They would like your estradriol (or E2), to double about every 48 hours. The fact that mine hit 97 after just a few days and nearly quadrupled 48 hours after that was fantastic. 

Looking 4-5 months pregnant after less than a week of stims. Fuuun (sorry for the blurry photo)

Looking 4-5 months pregnant after less than a week of stims. Seriously, look at that lower belly pouf. Fuuun (sorry for the blurry photo)

Friday’s scan also saw 18 follies with four in the lead at 9-10mm and the rest smaller. Ms. Right Ovary is apparently lacking in teamwork as only four of the 18 were seen on her side. Ms. Lefty was picking up the slack with 14 of them. My lining was being super-awesome and already showing the triple stripe (really good to see that before transfer) and was 7-8mm thick. Because of all this, they thought I might trigger Monday (today) or possibly Tuesday through Thursday. That would make transfer Wednesday through Saturday. 

That was awesome news… but my awesome response has kinda slowed.

After today’s scan and blood draw, I’m still in the same window, but in the tail end of it. They are expecting retrieval to now be Friday or maybe even Saturday. My lining is still being super awesome and is now at 12.1mm and my E2 is still super-awesome as well and has more than tripled in three days, coming in at 1,315. Ms. Lefty is still shouldering the burden and is pushing out a team of six (14mm lead follie with a 13mm, 12.5mm, 12mm, 11.5mm, and 10mm).   Ms. Righty is still being a bitch and keeping her team mostly on the sidelines. She’s now only showing a 12mm and 12.5mm follicle but is keeping four more on the bench (three at 10mm and one at 9mm). She’s a bit selfish.

Yup, I went from 18 follies that were in the running on Friday to eight today. With four trying to figure out if they want to play in the game or not. 

I’m trying not to be saddened by this, because I know it is quality over quantity. Unfortunately, I know too many people who have had 15-20 eggs retrieved (remember, those are eggs… not every follie has an egg) and still barely ended up with embryos to transfer and none to freeze. It’s tough knowing that this might be it. Huzzy has agreed to one round of IVF and any resulting FETs, but nothing else. Not another round, not embryo adoption, not regular adoption. Nothing. And that is disheartening. 



4 thoughts on “And then there were eight…

  1. again I just am so amazed by you and your story. The fact that you are so willing to share it with all of us is just so incredible. I am so sorry for your disheartening news from the huzzy.

  2. ::hugs:: For me it was the opposite. Righty was the good ovary lefty was the pain in the….uterus? A$$ just didn’t seem appropriate there! Have they altered your dosage at all?

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