Customer Service is Important (and another IVF update)

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. 
~Bill Gates

Before I get to my Stim Day #10 ultrasound and blood test results, I’d like to talk about a horrible experience I had at the lab today. After my super-early ultrasound (7am), I went to the lab for my E2.

Now, my vein has always been hard to get (deep), but when you get it, it’s a good one. And I say “it” because I have only one vein in one arm that anyone has been able to get. Many have tried and all have failed to get it out of my right arm, my hand, my foot, etc. They poke around with their finger to see if they can find my good vein, then give up and go to the other arm–only to give up and go back to the arm I indicated in the first place.

Add in the fact that this poor vein has been poked every other day for the past week and a half and it’s being even more elusive. The last couple of times I’ve gone for blood, I’ve been advised to let future techs know that they need to use the butterfly needle and put a hot pack on my vein to try and make it pop. Two days ago, I was stuck in my good vein, my hand, and back in my good vein before they got the blood. And then the blood stopped and only gave about 2 cc’s… barely enough to get the test done.

So this morning, I get called in and as I get ready to sit down, the tech tells me I must go put my bottle of water either in the trash or on the trash outside of the room because it’s not allowed (uh, ok… haven’t had a problem before). So I go do as asked and come back, start taking my jacket off, and begin to tell him about my vein. He promptly cuts me off.  The following is pretty much the exchange we have (obviously not word-for-word since I can’t remember exactly everything.

Him: Who told you this? We don’t really use butterfly needles anymore.
Me: My RE nurse and all the techs I’ve seen in the last few weeks. (thinking: uh, they’ve used the butterfly needles on me the last week!)
Him: Here? Who here?
Me: Yes, here. And the older lady in the other room.
Him: Well, she’s not here today, do you want just wait for her?
Me: …. uh, no, I was just trying to tell you what they’ve told me.
Him: Well, everyone does it differently, and it’s an art. Plus, those people in the other room are mostly students. Are you going to let me do my job because I know my job!
Me: I was just trying to help by telling you what they’ve told me to say future techs.
Him to tech next to him: She didn’t even give me a chance to say hello, she just started telling me how to do my job!
Other Tech: He’s really very good, you know, you don’t need to be worried.
Me: I’m not worried! I’ve been doing this every other day for more than a week! I don’t care! I was just trying to help and saying what I’ve been been told to say!
Him: I don’t even know what their problem is because your vein is right there and it’s not a big deal (as he sticks the vein in one stick and gets the blood).
Me: <silence… not going to engage any more>

I haven’t been really emotional on the stims. I’ve heard about people being super emotional, but I haven’t felt it. I really haven’t had any side effects to them (other than a few pounds of weight gain and I’m starting to feel uncomfortable). But today? After that appointment? I broke down and just started bawling. And then I got mad at myself for crying since I don’t normally cry at things like that… and it made me cry harder. Yup, the hormones finally hit me.

Since then, I’ve been sniffly today–which the news that my retrieval was pushed back yet another day, AND that Huzzy’s command is still no cooperating with the request he put in TWO MONTHS ago not to have duty this week and next and he currently STILL does not anyone to cover for his duty day (which would fall smack on a three day transfer), and it’s been a hormonal mess of a day.

Anyway, results of today are: I have no idea what my lining is at, but I’m not worried since it was a lovely 12.1 on Monday. My E2 is at 2,584, which is nearly exactly double from Monday, and I now have TWELVE follies who are wanting to play the game. Lead follie is at 17.5. Righty has decided to bring in two from the bench for a total of four on my right ovary. Lefty wouldn’t be outdone and added an extra two as well for a total of eight on my left ovary. That’s a total of 12 follicles in seen in play ranging from 17.5mm to 12mm. The reason my retrieval has been pushed back to Saturday is because they want to give the smaller follies (which the majority are in the 12-14mm range) time to catch up and be mature on Saturday.

Tomorrow, I get to go get my E2 checked one more time (I will REFUSE the guy I saw today if I get him again), and then I’ll be told in the afternoon what my trigger will be (either 5,000 or 10,000IU based on my E2 level) and when the trigger will be. When the trigger will be will tell me when our retrieval will be on Saturday.



5 thoughts on “Customer Service is Important (and another IVF update)

  1. sorry about the bad tech. i had a bad one last week, but luckily i got another one right after who was WAY better. best of luck as you get to the retrieval process. thinking about you and your husband!

  2. Sorry to hear about the vampires. I got to the point where I couldn’t stand to go to the small back room because they always missed my vein, and I have great veins for blood draws! I can’t imagine having to go through all of this with shy veins. Fingers crossed that everything works out with duty for the hubby. The good news is, they really would prefer to do a 5 day transfer so hopefully that works in your favor.

  3. Ugh. If they don’t have butterfly needles what do they use in babies?! And his saving grace is that he got it in one poke. I’ve been poked so many times in my life that I don’t even care anymore. When you refuse him, say really loud that he’s a douche bag. It’s still my favorite insult.

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