Huzzy stabbed me

…in the a–… er, rear. And I liked it.

Okay, I really didn’t like it, but Huzzy did a crazy fantastic job giving me the IM trigger last night (aka butt shot). It seriously didn’t hurt one bit last night (today, I’m quite sore and bruising, but that’s to be expected).  He’s a big bear of a man and doesn’t really have dexterous fingers/hands, so I was prepared for some awful stabbing. And that might have happened had I not INSISTED (yes, insisted because he was resistant) for him to practice on an orange. He started off waaay too slowly and then stabbed it too quickly/hard for a while as I gently coached him. He finally got it!

However, I’m well aware that it is only a 27 gauge needle and water-thin medicine compared to the monstrous 22 gauge needle filled with thick oil that I’ll get every day starting Sunday. Yeah, Sunday, which means….


Yes, I’m incredibly excited about a giant condom-covered dildo with a big ol’ needle on the end being shoved up my va-jay-jay so it can puncture through my uterus and into my ovaries—please don’t think I’m strange for that. Thankfully, I’ll be asleep for that Wandy date. And I get Vicodin afterward. Yay, Vitamin V!

Stepping back a bit, (just to keep all two of you who read my blog informed), my E2 yesterday was up to 3,203. That level made my RE decide to do only 5,000IU of hCG instead of 10,000IU. All it means was my E2 was high enough that I didn’t need the larger trigger in order to finish the maturation of my follies.

Today, I had to test with a digital pregnancy test no less than 12 hours after trigger in order to make sure the hCG was in my system. That meant I had to do it at work. There’s just something inherently wrong about peeing on a stick and having it say “pregnant” for the first time while you are in the bathroom stall as other people are peeing—then throwing it away in the “ladies’ bin” since it doesn’t mean anything other than the meds are working.

If you pray, I’d love to have prayers that I have some lovely mature eggs that fertilize properly tomorrow. If you don’t pray, that’s totally a-ok with me and I’d love to have good thoughts. If you do something else for your beliefs… whatever you do, I’ll take.

Thank you!




12 thoughts on “Huzzy stabbed me

  1. Good luck!! And if you think it’s inherently wrong to test at work, just think about what Huzzy has to do while you’re sedated….. Oh, and enjoy the cookies and apple juice after you wake up. When I was there they had Winnie the Pooh shaped cookies. He’s my favorite Disney character. 🙂

  2. Eeek I read your posts backwards – shoot! This totally made me giggle, how candid & humorous you are about all of this! Such an inspiration. For the record, that pee stick thing seems like such a mental mind fuck! Can’t there be another way?!

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