And Then There Were Three

I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. 
~Jewish Proverb

The fertility report came in today and it isn’t good. It isn’t the worst it could be, but it isn’t good.

We now only have three embies left. One of them “looks good”  but the other two are only ok. Because of this, the embryologist and my RE have decided that we do not qualify for a five day transfer and instead are going to have a three day transfer tomorrow. According to my RE, the odds of a pregnancy resulting from two good embryos transferred during a three day transfer is 40-45%, only slightly lower than one good embryo transferred during a five day transfer.

However, we don’t have two good embryos. There’s a good chance the two lesser ones won’t make it until tomorrow, even.

I know, I know. “It only takes one.”  But ya know what? I’ve been hearing this for a VERY long time about sperm. And that one? Hasn’t happened. And here we go and inject the sperm into the eggs and they STILL can’t do well. So yes, I know it only takes one. Yes, I’m trying my best to be positive (cautiously hopeful is what I can muster). But this isn’t good. And it doesn’t give us any other chances. Odds are, it won’t work… I am just hoping that we are on the other side of those odds.

So this is it. There won’t be any embryos to freeze. This is our only chance at having a baby since Huzzy isn’t okay with anything else–not another IVF, not embryo adoption, not traditional adoption.

Please pray this works. Please. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I can’t be a mom.



9 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. I am praying so hard right now, prayers for strength for you, prayers for those little embryos…prayers that maybe hubby’s heart is softened to your desires and/or your path is brightened in the direction you are to go

  2. Praying hard for you. This isn’t what any one wants to hear but try hard to think positive. God loves you – don’t forget that!

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