And then there were two…


That’s right, I’m currently PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise for those who aren’t hip on the lingo) with two!

I think they have my nose and Huzzy's chin... poor kids.

I think they have my nose and Huzzy’s chin… poor kids.

One of the lackluster embies decided to buck up and join his/her sibling. By the time we got to the transfer, we had two “GOOD” embryos, one six cell and one eight cell. This fertility clinic only grades on good, fair, and poor, which is the same as the SART (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies) uses… see their grading here.

So what should you expect during an embryo transfer? I followed my clinic’s protocol of drinking 24 ounces of water in the hours leading up to the the transfer, peeing when necessary. Then, at exactly one hour prior to the transfer appointment, I was instructed to completely empty my bladder. We had just gotten off the ferry and went to a local Target in order to pee. Since we were downtown Seattle, if we bought $20 worth of items, we could get our parking free. Huzzy bought some undershirts. I asked if we could get something for a future baby (hopefully that’s not jinxing it). He agreed. We’ve only purchased one other set of things for baby… some cute submarine onesies. I chose a book. Should this work, this book will have a place of honor in the nursery.

Perfect book for my sentiments.

Perfect book for my sentiments.

After peeing in Target (the restroom, obviously… I may have been brought up in the country, but we use the toilets when we are in the fancy-dancy city),  I then had 30 minutes to drink another 24-36 ounces of water. I know my body and my bladder doesn’t handle a whole lot of water before needing to pee. So I drank exactly 24 ounces of water and not a drop more.

At this point, it felt as though my eyeballs were floating. I was doing the pee-pee dance and Huzzy kept asking if I was nervous since my leg couldn’t stay still. Uh, no, I just needed to pee! We really need to come up with the lucky embryo transfer pee-pee dance. Who wants to take that on?

They brought me back to the room and the nurse did an ultrasound to make sure my bladder was full. Sure enough, it was. In fact, it was TOO full. So she gave me a cup that probably held 6oz and told me I could fill the ENTIRE cup and dump it out. Oh. My. God. I felt like I was in Heaven, y’all. In fact, as I was peeing into the cup, I felt as though I was possibly emptying my entire bladder, so I stopped at 3/4 full as I was afraid I would have to drink more water (that would have been torture) if I emptied too much.

The embryologist came in and explained that we had two GOOD embryos and gave us a photo. Look at that photo. Oh my gosh, aren’t they adorable? I think they favor my side of the family more.

The embryologist also explained that the third embryo was still hanging around, but it was a day behind and only a four cell. They were going to try to culture it and get it to blastocyst stage. If it can make it, then it will be frozen for future use (assuming that it survives thaw as well).  Our RE told us that with the quality of the embryos, we have a 40-50% chance of pregnancy and a 25-30% chance of twins.

Next, my RE came in and the fun began. Ms. Speculum isn’t as pleasant as Ms. Wandy (not that Wandy is pleasant at all). They washed my cervix and did a mock transfer, where they put an empty catheter in and make sure it gets to where it needs to. They will put a bend(s) in where needed in order to make a smooth transfer with the the embryos.

Then it was go-time. As Huzzy and I watched the second screen that was placed on the wall in front of us, we watched the embryologist find the embryos with his microscope camera and when they were found, they were sucked into the tube, which he then passed through the window in the room to my RE. She came over and in the catheter went. As we watched the screen, we saw her get the catheter in (though it took a bit for both Huzzy and I to orient ourselves as we thought we’d see it come up from the bottom of the screen but it came from the right of the screen). Finally, they found the perfect placement and bam! It was done. Sometimes, you can see a white flash on the screen, but neither Huzzy nor I saw it. The nurse said she did.

Before removing Ms. Speculum, the catheter was given back to the embryologist who flushed it with a fluid making sure the embryos didn’t get stuck. We were told this happens 5% of the time and then they just do the process over again. But we were in luck… they were already inside me.

My instructions say to not do bed rest, but to stay off my feet as much as possible for 48 hours. If you have a seditary job, you can go back to doing it. Technically, I have a desk job, but I run back and forth between offices all day to talk to people as part of my job. So, just to be safe, I took today off. Tomorrow I’ll go back to work (even though the 48hrs won’t be up until 11:30am) and will just take it easy. For the next two weeks, I was also instructed not to do anything new in the exercise department and if you did retrieval this cycle (vice doing frozen embryos or FET), no high-impact or strenuous exercise due to the surgery.

My beta will be on December 2nd, which will be 14dp3dt (14 days past a 3 day transfer). That’s 17 days after ER. Normally, it would be 14 days after, but with the Thanksgiving holiday, it has to be pushed out a bit more.  I will be going on a social media blackout (Twitter, Blog, Facebook) around that time as Huzzy and I will need to process either the good or the bad news. We also have to decide if we want to let my Twitter/blog friends know before our families. We probably wouldn’t tell my mom until after the first ultrasound (which would be about 7 weeks pregnant) and probably not tell Huzzy’s mom until her birthday in late January.

Right now, I’m just enjoying the fact that I’m technically pregnant. For how long, we do not know. Hopefully for the next nine months. Now, I’m just living in the moment.



10 thoughts on “And then there were two…

  1. TWO GOOD ONES!!!! That is fantastic. I’m still praying hard for you. God loves us all very much.

  2. Wow! I loved your description of the process. Easy for me to understand lol. I have been IF for 10 years but brand new to treatments. It’s all so scientific and amazing!

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