Need help from my infertility peeps

One of the reasons I first started this blog (other than to express myself) was to put out information to others through my own experiences. At first, it was about being a MilSpouse. Now it’s more about dealing with infertility. Hopefully in the future, it’ll be about kids and dealing with deployment (not that I WANT him to deploy, but it will happen regardless if we have children). And while I am now in the TWW and wrapping up our IVF cycle, I don’t consider myself an expert. And that’s where I need the help of my fellow infertiles.

I would like to write a blog post with tips/tricks/suggestions on a variety of topics. I’ve posted the topics below (feel free to add topics). Leave your suggestions in the comments with your blog link and/or twitter account or email me with the same (address on the right hand side of the blog) and I’ll give you credit for the suggestion.

1. Suspecting infertility/what to do
2. Feelings about infertility in general
3. What to expect at first RE visit
4. Testing (blood tests, HSG, lap, etc)
5. Clomid/Femara
6. Injectables (non-IVF cycle)
7. IUI
8. IVF
9. Telling family/friends about your battle with infertility
10. Donor eggs/donor sperm/surrogacy
11. Dealing with doctors (both PCM, OBGYN & RE)
12. Dealing with negative beta/HPT results
13. Dealing with pregnancy after infertility
14. Dealing with loss (chemical pregnancies, miscarriage, infant death)
15. Dealing with parenthood after infertility
16. Moving on after infertility (adoption, childless, etc)


So please help me help others who may come to my blog looking for information.



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