Fifth Anniversary/Honeymoon = Cruise!

I haven’t been writing much lately because what is going on in my life is a bit complicated. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I was terminated from my job as a Navy civilian at the end of December. I did absolutely nothing wrong (I even have a letter from our admiral that says I didn’t and says I was an exceptional employee), but due to a mistake the HR office made in the hiring process two years ago, the only thing they said they can do to fix it was terminate me.

I dispute the fact that there was a mistake made during the hiring process and have since found out that the guidelines actually say NOT to terminate the employee in cases such as mine, but to use other methods to keep them. On top of that, they want to “wipe the slate clean” because of HR’s mistake and the only way to do THAT is to send me a letter of indebtedness to make me pay my 21 months of salary back that I earned fairly. I don’t believe this is legal in any way. Actually, no one believes it is legal, even DFAS, which handles pay. Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say here because of a possible lawsuit if the Congressional Inquiry doesn’t fix this problem.

<<break break>>

Our fifth anniversary is coming up next month and we were originally going to do something big for it since we never took a honeymoon (yay Navy!). When I became unemployed, we decided to just do something local. But then… we found some money in an account that we never use and decided that we NEED to go on a vacation together. We NEED to spend quality time together. It’s our 5th anniversary and we’ve never taken a vacation together that didn’t involve family. We keep putting it off for when we are better off financially. But Huzzy goes back to sea next year and once that happens, planning any sort of vacation will not be able to happen. We’d have to wait until he was out of the military, which won’t be until at least our 10th anniversary.

So we decided to go for it.

Next month, we will be flying to Houston and leaving on a Princess cruise to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras. Neither of us have been on a cruise before and you’d think a Sailor who spends more than half his career out to sea wouldn’t want to go on a ship… but he’s on a submarine so never sees the light of day when he’s deployed. Even if he was a surface Sailor, he’d still not have to “field day” the ship (clean), do quarters, do drills, stay up all night on watch, sleep in a bed smaller than a twin with eight other guys in the room, etc.

We are SO looking forward to the cruise. We even splurged (well, we got an awesome deal!) on a balcony room, so we’ll be able to sit on our balcony and enjoy the weather. I hope it’s nice weather!



6 thoughts on “Fifth Anniversary/Honeymoon = Cruise!

  1. Holy wow. I can’t believe that happened with your job! Good for you for knowing your rights and fighting it (especially the indebtedness part!). Hope y’alll have an awesome time on your cruise!

  2. Scary about the job situation! Hope it all works out for you! Have fun on the cruise! My sailor husband LOVES cruise ships! (the booze might have something to do with it!)

  3. I’m still pissed about your job crap, of course, but I’m excited that you’re going on a cruise! I have been wanting to go on one FOREVER, but I can’t seem to convince my (former) subby husband that he’d actually like it! Everytime there’s a news story about a sinking/diseased/stranded cruise ship, he is the first to tell me. Maybe afterward your Huzzy can guest post and say why all bubbleheads should take a cruise??

  4. Cat, I’ll see if he’ll do that. It’d be interesting for sure since he doesn’t even read my blog (though I’ve told him the address several times). LOL

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