The Ride

So today has been a fun day- if you enjoy being punched.

Huzzy called me after his follow-up with the doctor and they aren’t liking the way his scar is healing. He has to come back in two weeks. They also will not do a semen analysis until three months AFTER that follow up. It was supposed to be three months after the surgery. So now we’ll be six weeks behind. That is, if it worked. I hope the fact that he’s not healing well doesn’t mean they screwed up and he’s no longer able to have kids, period.

As it is, we will now be another six weeks behind starting TTC again. Six weeks is nothing compared to the years we’ve waited. But six weeks means the loss of two cycles of being able to do injectables. That is, if the sperm have even recovered enough by then (it could take MUCH longer) to even be worth me injecting myself with more hormones.

Our cruise itinerary thanks to

Our cruise itinerary thanks to

Huzzy also called to let me know that there’s a good chance his leave is now going to be denied for our honeymoon/5th anniversary trip. Apparently there’s something going on and they’ll need all hands on deck. Well, they really don’t, but they like to have them. Huzzy would just be missing the final day of it. If they let him, we might be able to pay several hundred dollars more and fly out on a redeye to try and get to the ship before it sails the next day. The other issue is this event has been continuously pushed back. If they push it back one more week, that will be the week we are supposed to be on the cruise. I’d say there’s a 60% chance we won’t be able to go if the event is the week before the trip and a 100% chance we won’t be able to go if it is pushed back to the week of our trip.

The ENTIRE reason that this is considered our honeymoon is because we weren’t allowed to take one after our wedding due to the Navy. And for the next three years, there was no way for us to do it, either, due to the Navy’s schedule. Shore duty is a time when he’s supposed to rest and catch up from the craziness of the three previous years and the three upcoming years at sea.

My friend at Handling with Grace was criticized by someone who took issue with the fact that she said the military life includes sacrifice. It does. We sacrificed our honeymoon for the military. We sacrifice quality time with each other. We sacrifice being able to spend time with our families. It’s a sacrifice. One that we choose to do, for sure, but a sacrifice non-the-less.

I won’t even get into the fun that is my former job issues that came up today (yes, more) and the fact that the fuzzy 150lb dog is ill. Ugh.

I’m tired of this ride. It seems like there are way too many stomach-dropping plunges and not enough fun thrills.



7 thoughts on “The Ride

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your setbacks. With everything you both have been through, the cruise sounds like it is just what you need. I hope thinks get better and work out.

  2. Sorry for all of the waiting, I know it must be terrible. Hope your husband is starting to feel better! Have fun on your cruise. We went on a similar cruise for our wedding/honeymoon (we eloped in Grand Cayman) and hit Belieze, Cozumel, Roatan, and Grand Caymab. BEST VACATION EVER! Roatan was the best, we opted for a relaxing beach day… was amazing.

  3. I’m sorry that the military always gets in the way of everything…cause it does. Most of the time, at least. I hope that the Huzzy’s incision begins to look better and that the cruise works out! You both deserve this belated honeymoon!!

  4. Dave and I had our leave back to the US canceled while we were in S. Korea. Because the North Koreans decided to sink a ship. Boo! We were able to rebook for 48 hours later (when the issue resolved) and our commander was awesome enough to let us go AS SOON AS the restriction was lifted. We were on the very next available flight out. And because Korean Airlines is awesome, it probably only cost us about $50 more to make the changes.

    The person who said that being a military wife involves sacrifice is absolutely right. There’s a TON of sacrifice, from compromising your job/earning potential to the psychological impacts on always being the “new kids in town” (kids and spouses alike). We don’t have to like the sacrifices, and I’m blessed for my social media network of milspouses who offer a sympathetic ear when I complain.

    What makes us special is that we are exceptionally skilled at “getting over it”. We always do and that’s what makes us diamonds in the rough.

  5. Absolutely, Patty! I believe there is a ton of sacrifice… but that doesn’t mean it is all bad.

  6. oh girl I am so sorry about all of the setbacks. It sounds like you need the cruise 🙂 I would love to go on a cruise.

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