Wading Back Into the RE Waters

I called the RE clinic today to see about if I need to do anything ahead of time, etc for our hopefully upcoming injectable cycle. I knew it it would hinge on the results of Huzzy’s three month SA, which is now scheduled for May 2.

The nurse at the clinic told me that if Huzzy’s SA comes back with at least 10 million total motile sperm, then we can proceed with injectables and they’d talk about whether IUI vs TI would be appropriate. TriCare is interesting in the fact that they give medications for “naturally conceived” children… so the medication would be free as long as we DON’T do IUI. If we do IUI, then we have to pay for IUI and injectables.

If we are good to go, then they’ll have to review my charts and possibly have an appointment with me and decide what injectable protocol they want to use. It might include Menopur, or Femara, or something else with the normal stim meds.

What I didn’t like to hear is they said they may manipulate my cycle and give me progesterone in order to fit their schedule because they can’t have IVF people and injectable people on the same cycle because the clinic would be too busy. I don’t like messing with my body  more than I have to.

So basically, it’s a wait-and-see for the SA to see if we can proceed or if we have to just go straight to IVF in August. There’s always the chance that they completely screwed everything up and he will have no sperm. Small chance, but it’s there… and it does worry me since they had to do an incision 3x the size it was supposed to be and the incision had to be opened up a few weeks ago because it wasn’t healing properly due to the way they did the internal stitches/glue.

So I guess our fate lies in the results in two weeks.



3 thoughts on “Wading Back Into the RE Waters

  1. I am really hoping that the SA results are great. And I hate Tricare sometimes. I wish I could meet the morons who make up such ridiculous stipulations. Sending lots of positive vibes and I hope the next 2 weeks go by wicked fast!

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