The RE Appointment to Endo RE Appointments…

Today has been a crazy day. I went to bed after receiving a text from my mom that my sister-in-law (of the “I’m infertile-oops-I’m-not-it-only-took-me-three-months fame) was going to give birth to my niece sometime overnight. SIL and my brother’s first wedding anniversary was just four days ago.  So, I woke up to texts that she had arrived, safe and sound. Pictures showed the babe looks like me… poor child.

Today was also a consult with the endometriosis RE specialist at Madigan today. I had seen/worked with all the REs in the clinic except him. And, OMG, I love him. He even gave me a hug after the appointment… he really does care.

The doctor's notes for me... yes, it's written on and torn off the paper that goes on the exam table. LOL

The doctor’s notes he wrote for me… yes, it’s written on and torn off the paper that goes on the exam table. LOL

So what I learned (according to my doctor) at the appointment is:

  • Each woman has a 6-10% chance of having endometriosis
  • If a woman has unexplained infertility (like I do), she has a 25-50% chance of having endometriosis
  • If a woman has a first-generation family member (mother/sister) with endometriosis, she is 6x more likely to have it… 36-60% chance
  • Around 33% of women with endometriosis have thyroid (especially autoimmune hypothyroid) issues–which I have
  • If a woman has Stage I or II endometriosis and it is removed, chances of conceiving go from 17% to 31%–nearly that of an IVF cycle
  • Endometriosis affects the left side of your body more than your right (holy crap… that’s were my pain usually is!)
  • Endometriosis can make the body attack any foreign objects, this includes embryos because they have male components to them
  • Endometriosis can affect the quality of your eggs
  • Endometriosis can affect the corpus luteum, which can cause a shortened LP, which can be an issue (mine is a suspect 11 days)


So basically, what this means for me is I have more than a 60% chance of having endometriosis. A lap (laproscopy) has been scheduled for July 18. We’ll find out for sure then if I do have it.

On top of everything, Huzzy’s follow up SA came back today. He had a pretty bad SA a few weeks ago as a follow-up to his varicocelectomy.  The result was the same. His morphology is great and showed 27% this time, which is in line with the 30% last time. Much, much better than the 6-8% he was having over the past several years. Unfortunately, his overall numbers are dismal. In fact, they are significantly worse now than even before the surgery.

Two years ago next month, he had numbers in the 220 million range… the fact that he had only 6-8% morphology didn’t matter because the numbers were so high. But then they started to fall over the next two years. They went down to 80 million. And 60 million. And 40 million, which is what we had at IVF last November (all still at the 6-8% morphology).  So he had a varicocelectomy because the urologist suspected that was not only the reason for his poor morphology, but also his numbers.

His numbers are around 10 million now. While the morph is much better, this is a dismal number and the fact that it has continued to decline at a rapid rate, even after surgery, is alarming. With these numbers, the doctors say IVF is pretty much our only option. I mean, we’ve already had one failed IVF, so saying it’s worth it to pay for a hybrid cycle with IUI isn’t worth it when the numbers… as of now, are at the lowest bottom edge they are ok with (and no clue if they will continue to fall).

So that’s where we are right now… probable endo and a lap on July 18. And this point, a second IVF is our only option. Now to only get Huzzy on board.



5 thoughts on “The RE Appointment to Endo RE Appointments…

  1. Oh wow! You really had a huge day. I’m happy and angry all at the same time. I like that you have some answers and a plan going forward. I really really dislike that it’s probably endo – from hearing others talk it sounds like such a horrendously painful thing to deal with. And combined with the bad news from the SA?! Just ugh!!!

  2. Lexi,

    Luckily, I really don’t have pain. I have to take Ibuprofin 800 during my period, but that’s it. I definitely don’t have “classic” symptoms other than long, heavy periods and infertility. The rest is just family history!

  3. When we had my lap scheduled, it was based on the same c/s as you…horrible periods that could be controlled with naproxen and infertility. Funny thing was that my lap was pretty much perfectly normal with the exception of a couple areas of endo. Ends up being a mild Stage II. But it was nice to at least know and the entire process wasn’t really that bad. I was running about a week afterwards.
    I am so, so sorry about the SA. To go through a procedure with the hopes to improve the analysis and then hit this number is awful. I really hope that you are able discuss IVF with your husband especially knowing this downward trend is occurring! Just hoping that ya’ll actually have some good news at some point!

  4. Buckrugerlayla,

    Thanks for your comment. It is tough. I think the problem my husband has is the expense because I lost my job in December and am still looking for work. We’ve done IVF before, so he’s well aware of the procedure/what it entails. We’ll see!

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