New Business Venture

I have always loved having pretty nails and back in the day, I used to get acrylic nails because I loved how pretty they were. But, let’s face it, they are expensive. And they ruin your real nails. So I went back to regular nails and occasionally did my own French manicure, but it takes too damn long and it never looked the best (no way can I get those lines right).

Perfect for Independence Day and Canada Day next month!

Perfect for Independence Day and Canada Day next month!

Then, I was introduced to Jamberry nail wraps and fell in love. They are so simple and even a doofus like me can do them and have better-than-professional looking nails that last for two weeks and don’t ruin your nails (you CAN use them on acrylics, too!). On toes (yay pretty toes!) they last for six weeks. Sold. And all for somewhere around $2.81 a manicure/pedicure? Double sold.

Six-ish months later and I was offered the opportunity to become a Jamberry consultant. I am so excited for the opportunity to show people

why I love these nails and how to save BUCCO $$ by not having to go to the nail salon. I’m also using this as an opportunity to save money for our IVF coming up in October, but the main reason is… dude, these are so awesome I want to give people an opportunity to save money and not sacrifice pretty nails (frankly, the designs = better than what salons can do).

After seven days...

Seven Day Challange… after seven days: Jamberry (left) vs. nail polish

So I want to off YOU the opportunity to try these for free. I’m issuing all my readers a challenge to try them and compare them to their regular nail routine. Here’s what you have to do.

  1. Tell me you accept the challenge and I’ll mail you FREE samples to try.
  2. Put a sample on one of your fingers on each hand and paint the rest with your favorite nail polish. Take a photo.
  3. Seven days later, take another photo of the same hand. Tell me what you think!

Who’s up for the challenge? Who wants free samples? Email me your name and mailing address at myjamnails2 (at) This offer is good through Friday, June 13, 2014 =)



9 thoughts on “New Business Venture

  1. Awesome! I’ve had some friends try Jamberry and I’ve been curious but haven’t tried them myself yet! I sent you an email and I’m so excited! 🙂

  2. Jen… you can always host a party with me. That’s the BEST way to get free wraps. I will guarantee that as the hostess, you will get at least one set of wraps. Can I schedule a party with you? (totally online… totally fun… I even give away door prizes!)

  3. I actually just had a party a few weeks ago, and got tons of free and almost free stuff!! Thank you though. Please send me your contact information, and I’ll save it….I don’t personally know my current consultant, and would be happy to order from you going forward.

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