Knowing the Type of Zombie

I have a lap scheduled two weeks from tomorrow. It’s supposed to tell me if I have endometriosis, which one of my doctors is thinking is pretty definite.

Unexplained infertility is a tough beast to deal with. While I don’t want endometriosis, it would be nice to know what’s wrong with me. I actually had a conversation with someone on Twitter the other day where I said, “It’s like dealing with zombies… it’d be nice to know what kind you are dealing with.”  I mean, you would deal with a runner zombie differently than a swimming or “regular” zombie. Or so I’m told…. Huzzy is the one who likes zombie stuff and I only saw a part of a movie once.

Regardless, it would be nice to find out what’s wrong with me so we can be armed and fight that rather than just shrugging shoulders and using shotgun blast.




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