Unplanned Ultrasound

Last Friday (yes, it took me a week to blog this because… yeah, I have no good excuse), I finally called the RE to let them know about the light brown bleeding I had (with some small clots). I wasn’t concerned (much) because it wasn’t red and wasn’t heavy. But… since I hadn’t had a SPOT of blood the entire time, it was different. They told me to come in for an ultrasound so I didn’t worry over the weekend.

They did an exam first and found what they assumed was the cause of my bleeding… the skin near my cervix was irritated. Apparently this can happen easily for some women during pregnancy. But they did an ultrasound to make sure there was no other cause for bleeding, to check the fluid, and make sure I didn’t have any clots or anything near Squish (that’s my unoriginal name for baby for at least this pregnancy).

Everything was fine. Squish was, at 8w1d, measuring 8w3d, which means s/he grew 6 days of growth in 7 days. Early ultrasounds can be off, so I’m not worried one bit that there wasn’t 7 days of growth. The hearbeat had gone up to a perfect 176bpm. I considered re-naming the newly-named Squish “The Gymnast” because baby had decided that while the ultrasound was going, s/he was going to do L shaped crunches while standing on his/her head. While hilarious… I’m slightly concerned that this is neither my husband’s nor my baby because the love of crunches does not come from either of us. Or even either side of our families.

In fact, everything was so fine that they canceled my ultrasound that was supposed to be today, and instead released me to my OBGYN.

After fighting with TriCare (surprise surprise), I decided to switch to TriCare Standard and see the OBGYN I’ve seen for the past four years (since they would let me if I wasn’t pregnant, but if I was pregnant, I MUST go to the military hospital… don’t understand that one). Standard lets me choose my doctors, so that’s good. It just means we’ll pay more out of pocket. Whatever. It’s worth it to have my doctors and at a place I trust more.

Downside to having an earlier ultrasound is that it’s going to be even longer before I see Squish again. I have an appointment at 11w5d with my OBGYN, but they’ve already said it will not be an ultrasound. So my next one may not be until 20ish weeks. That seems a bit odd to me since it seems I’ve seen most of my infertility friends have ultrasounds the first time they see their OBGYN and then the 20ish week scan. The end of October just seems so far away to have the next ultrasound. But, it is what it is. We’ll see what the OBGYN says when I see her.



5 thoughts on “Unplanned Ultrasound

  1. Southland was like that. I did one without a dr appt at around 7 wks then the next one was the anatomy scan. In between, if I was at the dr., they did the Doppler only. Not nearly as fun but still reassuring.

  2. Oh so glad everything was fine! Ultra sounds are one of those crazy things huh. So much fun but their are notoriously off and seriously docs can’t guess gosh love them! Lol! They were always off with the sizes. Have fun!!! So happy for you 😉

  3. You can do a nuchal translucency screening at 12 weeks to check for risk factors for things like Trisomy 21. We did an u/s with RE at 6.5 weeks, one with MFM at 12 weeks (the NT scan plus blood work), and then the standard detailed anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

  4. Our insurance doesn’t cover it since I’m not quite 35 yet, so we’d have to do it out of pocket.

  5. When I switched over to the OBGYN clinic from the REI, I think they did an ultrasound. Then every other time it was the doppler. When you go for your 11 week appointment, I would reiterate with the doctor your history of infertility treatments, etc and say it would help your piece of mind and stress if an ultrasound could be done at that appointment to put yourself at ease. But after that, all of my appointments were just doppler checks except for the anatomy scan. Of which I had two, since little bugger wasn’t cooperating so I had to go back for his heart to get checked. Oh, and I did go to a private business for a gender scan at around 20 weeks, but that was because we were unfortunately called out of town for a death in the family and I had to cancel my original anatomy scan appointment. I got tired of dealing with all the doom and gloom and needed something happy to focus on again!

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