First OB Appointment

Yesterday was my first OB appointment. Luckily, Huzzy was able to come with me (it is never guaranteed that he can). With him next to me, I was able to not have a panic attack like I did when I walked in to make the appointments several weeks ago. There were huge pregnant bellies everywhere and extremely unruly kids running around unchecked.

The appointment was a two-part appointment. The first was with a nurse and my husband wasn’t allowed to go to, which made both of us think that it was an appointment where they ask if there is abuse, etc in the home. But it wasn’t. It was just my medical history and they gave me a great pregnancy week-by-week book and handouts. There was NO reason for him not to be there if I wanted him to be there.

The book I received from my OB's office.

The book I received from my OB’s office.

The second appointment was with the OB. While I’ve been with this clinic for GYN stuff for more than four years, I decided to switch providers because my original one is a bit abrupt and I’m not sure she’d be as compassionate about my concerns as I need her to be. My new OB was all I hoped she’d be… kind, caring, compassionate and willing to listen to anything I had to say and talk to me about it. She also “got” it that this pregnancy, while “normal” in the fact that it was a spontaneous conception… isn’t normal. There’s no guarantee that we can ever get pregnant again, especially without medication. She was amazed that we were pregnant spontaneously after a failed IVF and just before lap surgery for endo. I really, really like her and am so glad I have someone I immediately connected to.

During this appointment, I had a full physical, along with testing to see if I had any STD’s (they do for every pregnant woman) and testing to see if I had any other infections that may harm the baby. We also listened for Squish’s heartbeat via doppler and I about had a heart attack.

The first doppler didn’t find anything except my stomach noises. The doctor said it was an old machine (more than 20 years old) and she had a new one on order because it didn’t always work. So she went to get another one. Cue deep breaths and calming thoughts to keep me from freaking out. The second doppler didn’t pick up ANY sound… because there were no batteries in it. Finally, the third doppler picked up the heartbeat right away… Squish’s heart was beating away at about 160bpm.

Next week we’ll get to see Squish again as we have our NT (nuchal translucency) ultrasound scan, which will assess baby’s risk for Down’s Syndrome, other chromosomal abnormalities, and major congenital heart problems. I’ll also be getting the integrated blood test, which will will screen for many of the same things. While neither test can tell with 100% accuracy, if either show a possibility, my doctor said she believes my insurance will then pay for the Mat21 or other similar test, which costs about $2,000 and is 99% accurate.

My mom disagreed with my decision, but even though I wouldn’t abort for DS or something similar, I believe it’s a good idea to know up front. The hospital I will be delivering at does not have a NICU, nor does it have the specialty doctors that may be needed in the case of DS, a chromosomal abnormality or heart defect. I think it’d be best to know ahead of time so I could have the proper specialists on hand and also get to the right hospital that can handle it rather than being surprised, have the baby emergency airlifted to a different hospital and be separated from him/her until I was released. Huzzy disagreed at first, but understood my reasoning and said he was ok with knowing.

We’ll have another just-listening appointment around 16 weeks and then the anatomy scan around 20 weeks.

So… so far so good. I believe we will be announcing our pregnancy this weekend on Facebook as I enter the second trimester either tomorrow or in a week and a half, depending on which method is used to calculate trimesters. One of my bestest friends, Poe at Many Waters is going to take a few photos for us for the announcement.



4 thoughts on “First OB Appointment

  1. Hooray! So happy for your family and Squish! And although I’d never abort either, I still like to at least get the blood test screenings for stuff (then go from there if something kicked up). I think it’s good idea to have a support system in place before the birth if you need it for specific issues. Really wish your OB wouldn’t have freaked you out with bad dopplers! Geez.

  2. So glad you have a great OB in this exciting time of your life! But wish they had a better doppler on the fist try- so stressful! So happy that Squish is growing and you are in your 2nd trimester now!

  3. Yay for your first OB appointment! It’s always so exciting to hear the heartbeat. 🙂 I had a similar freakout at my first OB appointment, and they decided to do a full ultrasound, and then preceded to forget about me for forty-five minutes. 45 minutes of nerve-racking anxiety because they couldn’t find a heartbeat, which they should have easily been able to find since I was all of 95 pounds at the time. Yeah, I didn’t stay with that office.

    I have to admit, I totally laughed out loud, literally, at your comment about the kids in the waiting room. You don’t have a kid yet, but after you do, you can look back on this post and that particular comment with amusement. 🙂

    I’m glad things are going well so far and pray they continue to do so. 🙂

  4. No, the point was dealing with infertility PTSD with kids running around everywhere. I doubt I’m going to laugh at the anxiety I felt that was not helped by the kids running around kicking things, knocking into people (including us), etc while the parents ignored them.

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