Trip Back to Michigan

Mt Rainier- small

Mt. Rainier greeted us as we touched down on the runway.

Last week, I was on active duty in Michigan while I escorted an admiral to the outreach events I had planned for him in his hometown of Detroit. It ended up going well and the admiral was happy… and when the admiral is happy, so is everyone else.

Detroit is literally about 45 minutes from my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and four month old niece, so I was able to see them and meet our niece for the first time. She’s absolutely adorable and loves both her aunt and her uncle. Huzzy was able to go with me because I have flown enough in the last year or so to have enough miles that I could purchase a roundtrip ticket for only $12.

Huzzy isn’t too comfortable around babies (yeah he’ll have to learn quickly, I know) but he wasn’t comfortable around kids until I taught him how to play with his nieces years ago. He’s comfortable enough to play with my cousin’s 7 year old daughter now. I know he’ll learn with babies. I could tell he was watching my brother, who is AMAZING with his daughter, and he watches and takes cues from my cousin, who is also amazing with his daughter.

I have a picture of me in my giganti-blouse uniform, but I’ll save that for a “bumpdate” later this week. For now, you get the picture of the gorgeous view we came home to. I love the Pacific Northwest so. dang. much.



2 thoughts on “Trip Back to Michigan

  1. oh, can’t wait to see the uniform! LOL! I just have to tell you that my hubby isn’t comfortable around babies at all, a little more comfortable around older kids, and had maybe held one before we had our own. But it didn’t even come into play when we finally had ours. I never worried one second and there was like no teaching I had to do at all! it was wonderful. I’m convinced that they too have an instinct that kicks in. Whether or not this ends up being the case for Huzzy, maybe hearing that someone else had the same experience will help 🙂 I don’t think you have to give it much thought 🙂 glad you had a great trip! PS: how can I get added to your sidebar for Air Force Families? like are there cookies, sucking up, gift card mailing involved? or just a pretty please with a cherry on top and an endorsement from Poe Kitten which I hope she’d give 🙂 LOL

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