MFM Appointment and… fun news!

I had the MFM appointment yesterday for my rash. Pitaryasis Rosea has had a few studies that showed it could cause miscarriage, pre-term labor, or issues with the baby after (muscle isssues). Basically, what the MFM told me was that in all her books, it says this rash isn’t a problem. And while the studies showing it can be are concerning, there aren’t enough studies that say for sure it’s a problem. So there’s nothing they can do other than what they do with every other pregnant woman and just watch and react if there’s an issue. There’s no way to prevent any of these issues so it’s just a wait-and-see game. However, the MFM thinks I should see a dermatologist to make sure the rash is taken care of.  She did cancel my “detailed ultrasound” that was supposed to happen at Week 19, so we’ll just go to our regularly scheduled OB ultrasound around 20 weeks (which Huzzy can no longer make, thank you Navy… so I’ll have to see if I can change it to a different week).

So let’s recap the bouncing around I’ve been made to do on this issue:  PCM -> OB -> PCM -> OB -> MFM -> Dermatologist.  Oy.

Skipper  is measuring about five days ahead… except the head measurement… that’s more than a full week ahead. Methinks Skipper will have his/her dad’s head as Huzzy has a ginormous head… that is still ginormous even on  his 6’5″ frame.

And we also found out something fun… we know now whether Skipper is a boy or a girl. While I knew there was a chance we’d find out at this “limited” ultrasound, I was surprised and excited to find out. Huzzy couldn’t make it to the appointment (boo, Navy!) but the tech had me close my eyes and turn away when she went to see that area. She sealed it in an envelope (with two pictures in it facing each other so no one could even hold it up to the light!) and I brought it home for Huzzy to open.boyorgirl

We aren’t ready to tell everyone until we tell our moms what Skipper will be… and since we weren’t expecting to know for a few more weeks, I need to scramble and get our plan together. We are doing a sort of reveal with our parents where I’m planning on sending a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies with colored cake balls in the middle. I know these reveals can be a bit cheesy, but we aren’t doing a party and since there’s a good chance this is going to be our only child (not by choice), I want to celebrate this as much as possible.

So, as part of the fun, I’m going to ask YOU what YOUR prediction is. I will be sending a 1/2 sheet of Jamberry wraps (well, yeah, I’m a consultant, but also want to share the joy of them) that feature blue for a boy and pink for a girl to one of the people who chose the correct sex. These wraps will be from my own stash, so will be one I really wanted.

To help or not to help (really, because I don’t think these are indicators):

  • Huzzy is a submariner. There’s a thing called submariner’s curse where a disproportionate number of girls are born to submariners.
  • Huzzy’s dad had three boys (one stillborn) and no girls. But his brother has had two girls.
  • Chinese gender predictor based on my birth and conception – Girl
  • Old wives’ tale says if you are moody, it’s a girl due to the hormones. I have not been moody. – Boy
  • Old wives’ tale says if you had morning sickness, girl, if not, boy. I had some but not horrendous. So I guess that means – Girl
  • Old wives’ tale says if you get acne, it’s a a girl, if not, boy. Last few weeks I’ve had some pretty bad acne, so – Girl
  • Old wives’ tale says if you crave salty foods, it’s a boy, sweets it’s a girl. I have an AVERSION to sweets, so – Boy
  • Old wives’ tale says if your baby has a heartbeat over 140, it’s a girl, under it’s a boy. Skipper has been more than 140 (though this wives’ tale was WRONG for both my brother and I) – Girl
  • Old wives’ tale says if you have dry hands, it’s a boy, if not, it’s a girl. My hands are always dry so – Boy
  • Old wives’ tale says if you have cold feet, it’s a boy. Well, my feet were hot during the summer and are cold now sooo- Boy
  • Old wives’ tale says if you are carrying high, it’s a girl. – Girl
  • Old wives’ tale says if you are carrying out front, it’s a boy. – Boy


So what’s your guess? Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered into a drawing to win the half sheet of wraps that feature blue for boy and pink for girl (and if you don’t want them, that’s no big deal, I’ll pass it to the next person). I’m not sure when the drawing is, but it won’t be before Monday as I need to get the cookies made and sent and received by our moms.



22 thoughts on “MFM Appointment and… fun news!

  1. I say BOY! Though that submariners curse things…totally for us so far. While I do know sub guys that have boys, I feel like most have girls.

  2. Feel free not to answer lol but have you gained weight everywhere or is it all baby? Everywhere – my guess is girl. All baby – I change my guess to boy.


  3. Tsoniki… only baby. I’ve actually lost weight in me and the maternity jeans I bought early slide off my butt when they fit before. I have gained 4 pounds total at 17 weeks. So that means a boy guess for you, right?

  4. I’m saying boy because boys are the most awesome thing to be a mom to (I have 1 girl and 2 boys)…also, my boys had higher heartrates than my girl (Zane was usually in the 152-158 range the whole time)

  5. I say boy!!! I was trying to tell how you were carrying from your picture in the oh so fabulous navy preggo uniforms…while not a completely accurate description of your body…i’m making a guess…so there you go. boy

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