Army vs. Navy Battle!

I’m looking for TWO AWESOME LADIES who want to battle it out for fabulous Jamberry prizes! I’m looking for one Army fanBattle of the Hostesses- Army-Navy and one Navy fan (preferably Army/Navy spouses or veterans) in our own version of the epic Army-Navy game. Our event will take place on Facebook on the evening of December 10 (the Army-Navy game is December 13th!)… all orders ordered by the 10th are guaranteed to be there by Christmas!

Two hostesses. Two parties. One event. Each hostess will receive a free wrap from me before the party & will receive all hostess rewards earned from your individual party! All qualifying* parties will mean I will give away the choice of an application kit or our new mini heater to a party guest as a door prize.

The WINNER, the party with the most sales at the end, will not only receive all the hostess rewards for their party PLUS an exclusive Holiday Gift Box (contains 1 Holiday Gift Box, 1 Holiday Greeting Card, 3 Exclusive Nail Wraps–1 Sparkle, 1 Glossy, 1 Tint–, 1 Application Kit). It’s perfect for yourself OR a Holiday gift!

Interested? Comment below that you’d like to join! This will be SO MUCH FUN LADIES!!! On top of all this, my Jamberry team was challenged by another to a booking contest. Our Team Manager is putting the names of every hostess that books with me and any other consultant on our team into a drawing and on Friday she will choose two lucky ladies (and their consultant) to win an extra free lacquer or set of wraps when they close their party!

Check out the Holiday Gift Box for the winning hostess of my Battle of the Hostesses!!
New Holiday Box 2



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