New Year’s Goals and Theme

Wow. 2015. Last year was a pretty bleak-looking New Year as I was still struggling after our failed IVF and at that point, my husband was still firmly “no” on another round of IVF. I was contemplating how my life would look childless along with contemplating if my marriage could survive that.  2015 Theme

This year is, obviously, totally different. I’m 30 weeks pregnant and Skipper will be making her debut in the next few months. Life will be completely changed and while I have ideas of what it’ll be like with a child, I obviously won’t know until she’s here. Because of this, a New Year’s resolution is tricky. So this year, I’m going with one overall theme for the year and then some goals, rather than resolutions.

Theme:  Organization
I chose this because I think not only do I need more organization in my life, I’m going to need it even more after Skipper is born. I also need more organization in my Jamberry business as I’m currently moving up in the company quickly. Organization will help me prioritize my life and make things a lot smoother.


  1. Make it to at least 37 weeks with Skipper and be ready for her (hello, organization!)
  2. Get five promotions with Jamberry (I need to be organized in my home office to do this)
  3. Start my own communications consulting firm and get at least one client (I definitely need organization to juggle this, Jamberry, Navy Reserve, and baby!)
  4. Lose all the baby weight by the end of the year, plus 15 pounds (I need to be organized in order to find time to do this with all of the above)
  5. Get every room in my house organized… read: no more boxes from when we moved here four years ago. LOL (obvious organization)




2 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals and Theme

  1. Happy New Year! I hope you were able to enjoy your last one as a couple because next year it’ll be all about Skipper, especially from her grandparents!

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