The Great Wait… For Orders

It’s that time. Time to start thinking about deployments and care packages and how I’m going to adjust to solo parenting without any communication with my husband for months at a time.

Yup… we are in the window for our orders (and yes, OUR orders because as a MilSpouse, I’m included on those orders). Huzzy will be detaching his current command in November and should have to report sometime in December.

Besides a three year tour recruiting in Michigan (which was kinda his choice), he has been stationed here in Washington state ever since he completed his training. That’s more than 10 years here, total. There are only two places he can be stationed (besides recruiting), and that’s here and Kings Bay, Georgia. KB is the armpit of Georgia… it’s 40 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida, so it’s definitely southern Georgia. It’s located on a built-up swamp and is a pretty isolated area.

It’s always been easy to stay in Washington because, for some reason, many people would prefer to go to Georgia (maybe because they like the heat or closer to family, etc), and 60% of the submarines are stationed in Washington. Never been an issue.

Until now.

Huzzy’s ability to look/shop for orders was supposed to open on the 1st, but now it’s been pushed back to the evening of the 13th. However, he talked to the detailer and was already asked if he’d go to KB… and to the least desirable boat type as well. He’d be miserable. Absolutely miserable.

We do not, under any circumstances, want to go to KB. Besides the fact that we love it here in Washington and absolutely hate weather in the south, we have a house here, my mom is considering moving here to help me with Skipper once she’s born (and she will not move to Georgia as she hates the heat as much as I do), and it’ll be financially detrimental to us. I have been planning on starting my own communication consulting business after she’s born, which I wouldn’t be able to do if we moved until after we moved and got really settled and THEN had to start fresh with no contacts. We also have a house that, due to the current market, would cost us several hundred a month even if we were able to rent it out… on top of the rent in KB that we’d have to do. I’ve looked at rentals there and, like here, the BAH is several hundred dollars shy of what we’d need to rent a house. So we’d be out probably at least $500 a month between the two… and BAH is more than $200 lower there. So that’s approaching $1,000 less in the budget. Not do-able.

I could get an additional job, of course (on top of Jamberry and my Navy Reserve stuff)… but the closest city where that would be possible is 45 minutes away with no traffic. Commuter traffic would probably make it in the hour one-way commute. Plus, then there’d be daycare expenses as well that would eat into it.

And really, I realize that this is something all military spouses go through, but when you have been told (and have 10+ years of personal experience behind it) that you’d never have to leave… it’s a rough transition of thought. On top of that, I’m, of course, just about two weeks away from full term and five weeks from my due date. I have enough to worry about without this unexpected stress.

I just hope Huzzy can grab orders to something here. Even if it is the least desirable boat.




6 thoughts on “The Great Wait… For Orders

  1. I hate the waiting game. Hate it. We have always been super “challenged” with where we have to wait to. But once in awhile the military surprises you. We certainly were with our orders to WA. Hoping yall will get good news!

  2. First, congratulations. I’m thrilled for you and your husband. Over the moon happy. I wish I could have celebrated and known way before now, but for some reason, I’m not friends with you anymore and that’s okay. I want you to know that I will always remember your kindness and how amazing you were to me when I needed a friend. I needed a person and you were there. Thank you. I hope everything works out for you and that you don’t move to GA. I’m from the south and while I LOVE where I’m from GA is not my cup of tea… It’s a different kind of heat there than anyway. 😉 I truly do pray that all works out well for you guys and that you’re able to stay where you are already planted and continue to bloom there. I hope that one day we can be friends again… and whatever I did wrong, I’m sorry. I really am… because to miss this moment… These moments… Is absolutely heartbreaking.

  3. And GA does suck! I’ve been here at Stewart since April. 45 min drive to the nearest mall and decent anything outside of post. DH and I both miss JBLM and wish we were back there. We were stationed there for 6 years. Our daughter is now 7 mos old and we are hoping that soon he’ll re-enlist and we’ll get lucky enough to have him get a school so we can get out of this backwards post.

  4. hey girl, long story about how I found you but I am also with Jamberry! Building your business could help you get a lot more income esp. if you add team members. I have been working hard to try and do so as I would like eventually to have the option to not work a traditional job full time. Thinking of you and best wishes as you wait for your girl to arrive!

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