Bumpdate: 33-39 Weeks

Yeah, it’s been six weeks since I’ve updated. Not a whole lot had been going on, but now I’m getting so close, who knows if this will be my last or not. I’m so anxious to meet her.

How Far Along? 39 weeks, one day!

This photo was taken at almost 39 weeks.

This photo was taken at almost 39 weeks.

Size of Baby? Full size. Whatever that will be. She was estimated at a little over 7 pounds at 37 weeks, so I’m guessing she’s over eight at this point. My uterus is measuring at least two weeks ahead, so she’s a good size baby. It was measuring 40 weeks at 37, though at 39 weeks, it’s measuring only (only, ha!) at 41 weeks.

Maternity Clothes? Only a few… because only a few fit now. I’m permanently in maternity yoga pants because even my full panel jeans are awfully tight in the panel area.

Weight Gain? Still too much. It’s hard to tell because I have a bunch of swelling going on and so it changes daily back and forth. It’s around/over 40lbs though.

Stretch Marks/belly button? Oh yes. Sides of hips, underside of belly (which can’t be seen unless I pick the belly up), tops of thighs and… surprisingly… the inside of my KNEES. Yes, knees. Apparently from the swelling. I had no idea you could get stretch marks there. Frankly, these are the only ones that bother me because no one expects them there and they will be awfully visible during the summer vs stuff a bathing suit can cover. The belly button looks like the mouth of a Simpson’s character… the top sticks out a bit but the bottom is still an innie. LOL

Baby’s Sex? Very much a girl!

Baby belly! While it's a big belly... I'm not sure if it's big enough for a 9-10lb baby that the doctor and my family history both predict. I fully expect an 8lb one though.

Baby belly! While it’s a big belly… I’m not sure if it’s big enough for a 9-10lb baby that the doctor and my family history both predict. I fully expect an 8lb+ one though.

Sleep? I’m up every hour or two either peeing, shifting, or dealing with Braxton-Hicks (which is why I have to pee).

Food Cravings? Actually, I’ve been wanting lots of fruit. Unfortunately, I can only eat before 5pm otherwise I have heartburn and aspirating acid reflux issues. It’s not nice and I’m on some pretty serious meds for it.

Best Moment This Period? Seeing Skipper for what is probably the last time on ultrasound. I saw her at 37 weeks when they were estimating her size to see how big she’d be since my family has big babies.

What I am loving? Enjoying the movement because I know I’ll miss this when she’s here. I’m getting sad knowing this is probably my last pregnancy and I won’t feel this again.

Movement? Yes, though she goes through very quiet periods for days, which has prompted one NST. She doesn’t have much room in there.

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting this baby.

Other Updates… I don’t have Group B Strep, which is good. But since my 38-week appointment, I’ve had problems with blood pressure. At 38 weeks, it was 128/90 and they said they’d check carefully the following week. At yesterday’s 39-week appointment, it was 138/70. Now I have to check at least every other day, if not every day. If it gets over 145/95 (either number), I’m to call in. I have a feeling they’ll have me come in and re-check it and if it’s still high, I might be looking at an induction. Last night it was 130/93. So we’ll see.

Please note: photos were taken by my friend Poekitten at Many Waters and were edited by DTex Photography



4 thoughts on “Bumpdate: 33-39 Weeks

  1. I too had blood pressure issues in my pregnancy at the very end. Induction isn’t that big of a deal when you are finally holding your baby.

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