I’m a small-town woman who fell in love with a Navy man while he was on shore duty in Michigan. And then I decided to join the Navy Reserves as an officer.   On March 21, 2009, we were married… just in time for him to return to sea duty in the great state of Washington. Without me.

You see, I owned a house not only in a bad economy, but in the worst economy in the United States. It took 10 months of trying to sell, but unfortunately it didn’t. However, we took a leap of faith, I quit my job, left the house and we are now living in Washington together. Finally. Well, except when he has to do that silly thing called deployments (patrols in the submarine community). And he does them often. Very often.

I spent a total of 16 months without a job (except the one-weekend-a-month reserves and a four-hour-a-week job) but I now have a great one just a few miles from our home. Of course, I still have the Navy Reserves… and a full-time job.Add in the fact that I’m a bit crazy and have started my Master’s Degree in Communication and Leadership and I feel as though I never have a day off. I’ve gone from underemployed to super-employed. Woo-hoo!

And yes, my husband has to salute me 😉

And this is my story…

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Huzzy grew up in both southern Illinois and Texas, where he has fond memories of the Rattlesnake Roundup. He and his mom both want to get me there for that one year. Only in Texas…

Huzzy has been in the Navy for 14 years now and has spent them as a submariner. Did I mention he’s 6’5″? No, he can’t usually stand up straight while on the submarine. And no, he doesn’t fit in the racks well… since they are a few inches shorter than he is tall. And no, he doesn’t glow in the dark (a question that has been asked more than once).

The Wuzzies (our animals)

I’m an animal lover, there’s no doubt about that. I grew up with animals… lots of them. From horses to dogs to cats to hamsters to turtles to fish to rabbits… I had them all growing up. This is about the animals who are currently in our lives.

(J’s Fear Not) 8/9/99 – 3/10/11
11 year old red male Greyhound

When I was looking to buy my first home in the fall of 2005, I knew I wanted a dog. I love my cats dearly but both cats and dogs have different attitudes and personalities that fill different voids. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted, but I was pretty sure I wanted it to not have a lot of hair, be semi-quiet (no yappy-dogs!) and be medium to large sized.

After doing some research, I settled on either a Whippet or a Greyhound. I started visiting a Whippet forum and asking questions and was pointed to a Greyhound forum called Greytalk. After finding out more about both breeds, I decided on a Greyhound because they are sooo many waiting adoption (I wanted to adopt, not buy from a breeder). On the Greyhound forum, I was contacted by the president of a local Greyhound group, Compassion for Greyhounds. She knew that I wasn’t ready for the cost of owning a dog (I had to pay my mortgage and the last 6 months of my rental lease), so she wanted to know if I wanted to foster so that I could see if a Greyhound was right for me. It also helps them because the more foster homes they have, the more dogs they can bring into the program. It was December 2005 that I got my first foster dog.

Chase (racing name “J’s Fear Not”) was my third foster dog who came to me in April 2006. He was returned to the adoption group because his family was moving to Florida and didn’t want to take him with them. In just a few hours, I knew that he wasn’t going to leave my house. We chose each other.

Chase is a pet therapy dog… he and I have visited hospice patients to help make their last days better in the past. Currently, we are volunteering for the local Humane Society and visit the oncology floor of a local hospital. He is so perfect for this role as he just goes up to people and gently leans on them waiting for pets and scritches.

As far as stats go, Chase is about 29 inches at the shoulder and generally weighs around 76 pounds.

Chase passed away from what we think was thyroid cancer. He still lives in our hearts, though.

Chase playing coy Chase claiming the couch Sleepy Chase in a chair Chase enjoying the sunshine Chase in his winter gear Chase in his PJ’s (he freezes at night in the winter) Chase stealing my spot on the couch

(Miss Baloo)
7 year old blue fawn female Greyhound

In August 2006, I saw a plea on that same Greyhound forum for adoption groups to help two litters of puppies who were on a coyote hunting farm. A coyote hunting farm is where a person breeds Greyhounds (generally with another breed like a Staghound or Deerhound, but not always) and uses them to chase down and kill coyotes. They were oops litters and the owner didn’t want them. So even though I had decided not to foster anymore (Chase wasn’t happy with fosters coming in and out), my heart went out to them.

I contacted my adoption group and agreed to foster two (a third was also brought into our group). So the puppies were GURed (Greyhound Underground Railroad) from vehicle to vehicle from Kansas to where I picked them up in Chicago to bring them back to Michigan. They were just 4 1/2 months old and weighed around 32 pounds. The first puppy found a home pretty quickly. I wasn’t sure if I could deal with a Greyhound puppy for the next two years (how long it takes for them to get out of “puppy stage”), so I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep her. Four months later, I was at a work retreat and realized I couldn’t wait to come home to BOTH my babies. I knew that I couldn’t let Lulu leave my home. The rest is history.

Lulu is very much a lover who always wants to be on your lap. She also has a fetish with ears and feet… she’ll do anything she can to lick either of them on you. She’s good for a puppy but, as expected, still gets into things now and then. She’s learning though.

For stats, Lulu is about 31 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 85 pounds. In Greyhound terms, she’s a HUGE female… she’s the size of a very large male.

Mmm… peanut butter! Mom, I’m trying to sleep! “Roaching” on the couch Nose to the camera Lulu and Jake on top of me on the couch Lulu sticking her tongue out No room for me!

5 year old white and badger Great Pyrenees
-coming soon-

Kissy and Skully
Silver tabby and chocolate and white twin cats
-coming soon-


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    I saw the Friday Funny you did and I would love to join in!

  2. Hi! I’m a sailor’s wife too! I have a nationally syndicated travel column in military newspapers and just launched my own website featuring travel deals for the military. Come visit and tell me what you think.
    Thanks! Erica

  3. Love reading your blog! I am a military spouse myself and just got into the whole blogging thing. Can’t wait to read more of your posts and check out the other blogs you follow!

  4. I LOVE that you adopt greyhounds! I would like to do this someday. They are such amazing animals and they deserve good homes. Greyhound racing is still legal in New Zealand and it broke my heart when I flipped through channels and saw it.

  5. What part of Michigan are you from? Also where in WA? Sounds like our life took just about the same turn of events.

    I’m a born and raised Michigander. Married my hubby (who I met in college but he joined the navy so we could get married) almost 5 years ago. Moved to SC with him for his school *he’s a nuke* and now we’re in WA…but don’t know for how long. He’s up for shore duty soon. Not looking forward to moving. I LOVE our house and are going to rent it out or something so we can move back here to it.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  6. You should definitely hit the Rattlesnake Roundup at least once in your life! It’s something you won’t believe until you see… 🙂

  7. Beautiful dogs! So adorable! Not quite sure whether I’m a cat person or a dog person but both sets of animals in the house fulfill my emotional needs 😛

    I’ve been going through old MilSpouse Friday Fill-Ins to catch up on my blog (also because I can’t sleep) and noticed that one asked for more questions. Here are the ones I came up with. Please feel free to delete this comment afterward.

    Who was your favorite boy band and why? Who was your favorite member and why?
    If your life was a Disney movie, which one would it be?
    If your life was a TV show, which one would it be?
    Be honest: which shows are you embarassed to admit you love?
    Which three living authors would you like to have dinner with and why?
    Knowing you could get an honest answer, what’s the one question you need an answer to?
    Which body part would you fix on yourself? On the same note, which body part on yourself do you think everyone wants? You have to answer BOTH and don’t try and sneak more than on answer on the first question!
    If you found an extra twenty bucks in your pocket, what would you do with it? A hundred bucks? A thousand buckeroos? Would you tell your spouse?
    If your spouse said he’d send you on a week-long vacation to anywhere in the world but you’d have to go alone, would you go? Where would you go?
    What book do you read over and over? (Besides books to your kids!)

    Thanks for hosting! Love your blog!
    🙂 Alma

  8. It’s neat that you guys have used being duel military to your advantage. My hubby and I found it too hard since they kept stationing us on opposite coasts.

  9. I have to say I really like your blog. I am an ex bubblehead myself, so I can understand your frustrations about patrols. What Sub is he on? My sub was Henery L. Stimson SSBN655G.

  10. I was just looking at Whippet pictures and the picture of your blue fawn Greyhound came up and I just had to tell you that she is gorgeous!!!

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