Can You Use a Pa Boating License in MD

A Pennsylvania Boating License is only valid in the state of Pennsylvania and cannot be used in Maryland. In order to operate a boat in Maryland, you must have a Maryland boating license. The requirements for obtaining a Maryland boating license are similar to those for a Pennsylvania boating license. You must be at least … Read more

What Side Does Boat Registration Go on

There are a few things to consider when deciding on which side of the boat to place your registration numbers and decal. The first is visibility. You want to make sure that your registration numbers are easily seen by other boaters and law enforcement. Placing them on the side of the boat that is most … Read more

Can I Take My Boat Anywhere

Have you ever wondered if you can take your boat anywhere? The answer is yes and no. You can technically take your boat anywhere, but there are some places where it might not be allowed or advisable to do so. Here’s a look at what you need to know about taking your boat out on … Read more

Can You Use a Boating License in Any State

There is no such thing as a national boating license. However, most states recognize boating licenses from other states. So, if you have a boating license from one state, you can generally use it in another state. There are some exceptions, though. For instance, some states require anyone who operates a boat within their borders … Read more

Do Boats Use Regular Gas

Boats typically use regular unleaded gas, the same type that is used in most cars. There are some boats that require premium fuel, but this is not common. If you are unsure what type of gas to use for your boat, consult the owner’s manual or a professional. Using the wrong type of fuel can … Read more

Can I Use Regular Gas in My Boat

If you have a boat, you may be wondering if you can use regular gas in it. The answer is that it depends on the type of boat you have. If you have a small boat, such as a rowboat or kayak, you can probably use regular gas. However, if you have a larger boat, … Read more

15 crossing

Rule 15: Crossing situationWhen two power-driven vessels are crossing so as to involve risk of collision, the vessel which has the other on her own starboard side shall keep out of the way and shall, if the circumstances of the case admit avoid, crossing ahead of the other vessel. Meaning: This situation would frequently arise … Read more

Can You Use Goo Gone on a Boat

If you have a boat, you know that keeping it clean can be a challenge. There are so many nooks and crannies for dirt and grime to build up. You may be wondering if Goo Gone is safe to use on your boat. The short answer is yes! Goo Gone can be used on boats … Read more

Can You Use Car Wash Soap on a Fiberglass Boat

Most car wash soaps are designed to be gentle on paint and finishes. However, they can be too harsh for fiberglass boats. The wrong soap can strip away wax protection and leave the hull vulnerable to UV damage and oxidation. When choosing a car wash soap for your boat, look for a product that is … Read more

Can You Use a Pressure Washer on a Fiberglass Boat

A pressure washer is a powerful cleaning tool that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including fiberglass boats. When using a pressure washer on a fiberglass boat, it is important to use the correct settings and techniques to avoid damaging the boat’s surface. Before using a pressure washer on your fiberglass boat, it’s … Read more