Our Infertility Timeline

May 2011- Intra-uterine ultrasound. Super-thin lining and one fibroid in uterine wall, no more birth control

May 2012-  Intra-uterine ultrasound. Lining thick and fibroid not growing // Thyroid Test Normal

June 2012- Semen Analysis. 220 million/good motility, etc… Way above normal. It’s not him.

October 2012- HSG: Clear tubes and uterus looks fine.

November 2012- First RE appointment, Clomid prescribed // AMH 2.75

December 2012- Clomid Cycle #1 50mg w/ TI, CD3-7 // CD12= Lining 9.2  & One 17mm follicle **BFN**

January 2013- Clomid Cycle#2  50mg w/TI, CD 3-7 // CD13= Lining 8.5 & One 13.5mm follicle **BFN***

February 25, 2013- IUI Cycle #1  with 50mg Clomid, CD 4-8// no monitoring//IUI CD17 faint BFP on 13DPO. ***BFN***

March 25, 2013 – IUI Cycle #2  with 50mg Clomid, CD 3-7// no monitoring// IUI CD14// 7DPO Progesterone= 12.5  ***BFN***

April-June 2013- Took a break from medication for Navy Reserve stuff

July 2013- Femara Cycle #1  5mg with TI, CD3-7// no monitoring ***BFN***

August 2013- Sudden MFI apparent after second extremely low numbers for IUI (12.4 total pre/8.4 post)

August 17, 2013- IUI Cycle #3 with 5mg Femara, CD3-7, trigger CD13 // IUI CD 15// ***BFN***

November 2013- IVF#1 // Luteal Lupron protocol with 300 GonalF & 75 Menopur

  • September 3: Birth control started
  • October 20: Lupron Started (10 units)
  • October 30: Baseline/suppression ultrasound… E2 is less than 5 and 11 follicles seen
  • November 4 (Day 1): Stims started, Lupron decreased to 5 units
  • November 6 (Day 3): E2 is 97!
  • November 8 (Day 5): E2 is 382! Lining is 7-8, 18 follies seen (4 at 9-10mm, the rest smaller), and 14 of them on the left side alone.
  • November 11 (Day 8): E2 is 1,315. Lining is 12.1. Lead follie is 14mm with five others ranging from 10.5-12mm on the left side. Right side is really behind with only two at 12mm and 12.5mm. There are three others on the left at 10mm and one at 9mm, but they aren’t sure they will make it. That makes for a total of only eight in the probable range and another four that are on the edge, but they don’t think will make it.
  • November 13 (Day 10): E2 is at 2,584. Lead follie is at 17.5. Righty has decided to bring in two from the bench for a total of four on the right ovary. Lefty wouldn’t be outdone and added an extra two as well for a total of eight on the left ovary. That’s a total of 12 follicles in play ranging from 17.5mm to 12mm RE decides to do one more day of stims to let the smaller ones catch up.
  • November 14 (Day 11): E2 is at 3,203. Trigger with 5,000IU of HCG due to E2 level (vice 10,000IU).
  • November 15 (Day 12): Needleless Friday!
  • November 16: Retrieval at 0830! 11 eggs retrieved: 2 immature, 2 abnormal, and 7 good.
  • November 17: Fertilization report: Four out of seven fertilized normally. Also, start progesterone-in-oil shots.
  • November 18: Day 2 Embryo report: One didn’t make it, one is looking good, two are “eh.” Best to do 3 day transfer
  • November 19: Day 3 transfer: Two “good” embryos (the best grade they give… yay, one caught up!). One six cell and one eight cell. Third embryo is a day behind and only four cells. Will try to get it to blastocyst to freeze, if it makes it.
  • November 22 (3dp3dt): RE calls and informs me that the last embie made it through to Day 5, but died overnight before it could be frozen the next day… we have no frozen embies for backup.
  • November 28– Thanksgiving (9dp3dt): Tested with HPT. BFN.
  • November 29 (10dp3dt): Tested with HPT. BFN.
  • November 30 (11dp3dt): Heavy spotting with some small clots.
  • December 2 (13dp3dt): Tested with HPT. BFN. Beta comes back at 0. Definitely not pregnant.

December 2013-April 2014- Taking a break from TTC while Huzzy has varicocele surgery.  Due to finances and work, it won’t happen until at least August 2014.

May 5, 2014- Huzzy’s first post-varicocelectomy SA shows alarmingly low numbers. Re-test is ordered.

May 22, 2014-  Due to my own suspicion of endometriosis, I have an endo consult with the endo RE specialist. I find out that I have more than a 60% chance of having endo and need a lap to make sure. We also get the results of Huzzy’s follow-up SA, which shows the first numbers weren’t a fluke and a second IVF is our only option as we have only a 1% chance without it. On top of this, my little brother’s daughter is born the same day. Emotional day to say the least.

July 18, 2014- Laparoscopy scheduled…

October 2014- IVF #2 scheduled…

July 3, 2014- At 14dpo, super positive HPT where the test line was darker than the control line- SURPRISE! Was not expecting this.

July 7, 2014- 18dpo beta is 2,487 (holy shit!)

July 9, 2014- 20dpo beta is 5,689 (HOLY SHIT!)… doubling time of 39 hours

July 25, 2014 (7w1d)- One perfect baby. Measuring 3 days ahead already. Heartbeat measuring a perfect 154.

August 1, 2014 (8w1d)- Ultrasound due to bleeding. All is ok. Baby measuring 8w3d. Hearbeat 176. Released to OBGYN.

August 8, 2014 (9w1d)- Ultrasound canceled due to earlier ultrasound

August 26, 2014 (11w5d)- First OB appointment appointment. Heartbeat heard at about 160bpm!

October 1, 2014 (16w6d)- Had an MFM appointment and found out the sex! But not telling yet!

October 9, 2014 (18w0d)-  We announced that Skipper will be a GIRL!

March 10, 2015 (39w5d)-  Skipper is born


8 thoughts on “Our Infertility Timeline

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  2. Together for 14 years and married for 9. Years of heartbreak over not having a little one. At least your husband is supportive. I spent several thousand dollars having tests done on myself and my husband wouldn’t even go to the clinic for a semen analysis. He promised that he would but after several years of promises that weren’t kept I stopped asking. Divorcing him and now dating a submariner who is an amazing man and loves kids. And guess what…he says he doesn’t want children. Since the relationship was new he didn’t know about my heartbreak over not having children of my own and I can’t find it in me to speak about it. It’s just way to emotional. I’d hidden my dreams in a locked box and now it seems like the key is at the bottom of the ocean.

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  5. Hi! I am a new reader & can’t help but notice the events above from July 2014!!!!! Congratulations, so excited for you!

  6. LOL… uh… yeah. Shhh! Most people don’t see this page and I haven’t “come out” yet here (though I knew it was a possibility that people saw it). Thank you. Cautiously hopeful.

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