Bumpdate: 33-39 Weeks

Yeah, it’s been six weeks since I’ve updated. Not a whole lot had been going on, but now I’m getting so close, who knows if this will be my last or not. I’m so anxious to meet her.

How Far Along? 39 weeks, one day!

This photo was taken at almost 39 weeks.

This photo was taken at almost 39 weeks.

Size of Baby? Full size. Whatever that will be. She was estimated at a little over 7 pounds at 37 weeks, so I’m guessing she’s over eight at this point. My uterus is measuring at least two weeks ahead, so she’s a good size baby. It was measuring 40 weeks at 37, though at 39 weeks, it’s measuring only (only, ha!) at 41 weeks.

Maternity Clothes? Only a few… because only a few fit now. I’m permanently in maternity yoga pants because even my full panel jeans are awfully tight in the panel area.

Weight Gain? Still too much. It’s hard to tell because I have a bunch of swelling going on and so it changes daily back and forth. It’s around/over 40lbs though.

Stretch Marks/belly button? Oh yes. Sides of hips, underside of belly (which can’t be seen unless I pick the belly up), tops of thighs and… surprisingly… the inside of my KNEES. Yes, knees. Apparently from the swelling. I had no idea you could get stretch marks there. Frankly, these are the only ones that bother me because no one expects them there and they will be awfully visible during the summer vs stuff a bathing suit can cover. The belly button looks like the mouth of a Simpson’s character… the top sticks out a bit but the bottom is still an innie. LOL

Baby’s Sex? Very much a girl!

Baby belly! While it's a big belly... I'm not sure if it's big enough for a 9-10lb baby that the doctor and my family history both predict. I fully expect an 8lb one though.

Baby belly! While it’s a big belly… I’m not sure if it’s big enough for a 9-10lb baby that the doctor and my family history both predict. I fully expect an 8lb+ one though.

Sleep? I’m up every hour or two either peeing, shifting, or dealing with Braxton-Hicks (which is why I have to pee).

Food Cravings? Actually, I’ve been wanting lots of fruit. Unfortunately, I can only eat before 5pm otherwise I have heartburn and aspirating acid reflux issues. It’s not nice and I’m on some pretty serious meds for it.

Best Moment This Period? Seeing Skipper for what is probably the last time on ultrasound. I saw her at 37 weeks when they were estimating her size to see how big she’d be since my family has big babies.

What I am loving? Enjoying the movement because I know I’ll miss this when she’s here. I’m getting sad knowing this is probably my last pregnancy and I won’t feel this again.

Movement? Yes, though she goes through very quiet periods for days, which has prompted one NST. She doesn’t have much room in there.

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting this baby.

Other Updates… I don’t have Group B Strep, which is good. But since my 38-week appointment, I’ve had problems with blood pressure. At 38 weeks, it was 128/90 and they said they’d check carefully the following week. At yesterday’s 39-week appointment, it was 138/70. Now I have to check at least every other day, if not every day. If it gets over 145/95 (either number), I’m to call in. I have a feeling they’ll have me come in and re-check it and if it’s still high, I might be looking at an induction. Last night it was 130/93. So we’ll see.

Please note: photos were taken by my friend Poekitten at Many Waters and were edited by DTex Photography



Bumpdate: 29-32 Weeks

<<warning… one 3D ultrasound face shot is toward the bottom… I know some find 3D photos or ultrasound photos creepy/triggering, but this is Skipper’s photo debut>>

Whoa. Less than two months before Skipper is due. Holy. Crap. This is getting real… and close! I do have issues, but most stem from other problems I have that are exacerbated by pregnancy.

Five years ago, I was injured while on my two week Navy training. Namely, my shoulder was apparently partially dislocated and my labrum was torn. It took 18 months before someone believed me that there was something wrong. By then, the damage and really been done and though it was fixed (by putting four anchors in my shoulder) and I have about 90% range of motion in that shoulder, I also have arthritis in it. It’s also, obviously, not as strong as my other shoulder and I’m much more likely to have it dislocated again. With all the relaxin going through my body right now, I have to be VERY careful.

The problem is, I have to sleep on my shoulders since I cannot sleep on my back nor my stomach now that I’m pregnant. I generally have to turn from one shoulder to the other every 30 minutes to two  hours. Add on top of that my every two hours bathroom breaks and the pain that comes from the shoulders not getting a break for months and I get fun nights like last night where I slept one hour between the time I went to bed at 9:30 and 3 a.m. I then slept from 3-5 a.m. and that’s my night of sleep. I know people say this is just “practice” for later, but that, quite honestly, pisses me off. I could deal with normal pregnancy up and down, but this? This pain and added into the lack of sleep? No, this is above-and-beyond.

Remember, I’ve not had consistently good nights of sleep for five years. I most likely will not for the rest of my life. The pain will improve once I can sleep on my stomach to give my shoulders a break, but that doesn’t mean it gets all better. Ever. I’ve been surviving on 2-6 hours on average for the last five years… and now I’ll be adding a newborn. I’m always tired already. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like once Skipper comes. It’ll all be worth it for sure, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have ONLY the typical pregnancy sleep problems or ONLY the typical newborn sleep problems. I guess I’ll never know. Anyway, here’s my bumpdate:


How Far Along? 32 weeks today!

Photo at 30 weeks. Not the best photo of me, but whatever.

Photo at 30 weeks. Not the best photo of me, but whatever.

Size of Baby? The books say she’s supposed to be about 4lbs and 19 inches long… but she was that weight more than two weeks ago!

Maternity Clothes? But of course. I’m slowly losing the number of maternity shirts I can wear, too, as they are starting to creep up my belly.

Weight Gain? Too much. I’ve gained 29 pounds so far, which is two pounds more than my OB told me I should gain. But I’m also carrying a big baby.

Stretch Marks/belly button? I have some very small stretch marks on either side of my hips now. My belly button is the same… shallow at the top, but not out.

Baby’s Sex? Very much a girl!

Sleep? Sometimes (see the intro above).

Food Cravings? Nope!

Best Moment This Period? Getting a 3D ultrasound and watching Skipper be obsessed with her toes. She just kept grabbing them and touching them and playing with them. She wouldn’t leave them alone! Even the ultrasound tech was laughing at her.

I know many feel 3D ultrasounds are creepy, so I'm only posting one photo. It looks like she has my eyes, cheeks, and lips, and Huzzy's nose and chin (seriously, that chin... such a defined chin--other photos show it better)

I know many feel 3D ultrasounds are creepy, so I’m only posting one photo. It looks like she has my eyes, cheeks, and lips, and Huzzy’s nose and chin (seriously, that chin… such a defined chin–other photos show it better)

What I am loving? Every day loving being pregnant, despite the pain and the lack of sleep.

Movement? Definitely, though she’s doing less kicking and more just shifting. Little girl isn’t so little and is quickly losing space.

What I’m looking forward to: Just enjoying this pregnancy and her movements still.

Other Updates… I had my gestational diabetes test and I’m so way far away from having GD that it’s awesome. Everything else came back ok, too. I had a few days of bleeding and so had an ultrasound then to check her (before the 3D) and at 29w5d, she was measuring about 4lbs and at 31w4d… so two weeks ahead. She’s in the 90th percentile. She’s on track to be about 9lbs, which is fine with me since I figured from the beginning that’s where she’d be based on my family history. I was hoping for an 8-9lb baby and am still hoping she doesn’t hit 10lbs 😉



Bumpdate: 25-28 Weeks

I’m so grateful to be at 28 weeks. From what I’ve been told by others, most babies who are born here or after don’t have long term issues, even if they need to spend weeks in the NICU. I’m so incredibly grateful to be here.

How Far Along? 28 weeks yesterday… whoa!

This was me at 26 weeks, 4 days.

This was me at 26 weeks, 4 days.

Size of Baby? 15ish inches, head to heel, and 2 1/2-ish pounds

Maternity Clothes? Maternity everything. Even some of my maternity clothes can no longer be worn because they creep too far up my belly.

Weight Gain? Of course. I’ve gained 21 pounds total, and with 12 weeks left, that means I’m going to probably gain more than suggested. Stupid additional 8 pounds due to thyroid. It’ll be a pain to get this off before having to take the PRT six months after I give birth.

Stretch Marks/belly button? No stretch marks, but my belly button is getting awfully shallow and the top of it pushes out when I cough.

Baby’s Sex? Still a girl.

Sleep? Sometimes. On good nights, I can go four hours or so without having to get up and pee.

Food Cravings? Nope! I still can’t do super sweet stuff, though I can have a little here and there.

Best Moment This Period? “Playing” with Skipper

What I am loving? I’m loving the movement and still just being pregnant.

Movement? Definitely. Though there have been times her kick counts weren’t up to par, so I had to poke/prod.

What I’m looking forward to: Just enjoying this pregnancy and her movements.

Other Updates… I had my gestational diabetes test yesterday morning, but won’t know the results until Monday. I’ve also graduated to my next OB appointment being three weeks away instead of four (after that, it’ll be every 2 weeks for a while).



All the Feelings… *trigger warning*

So far, while I have posted “bumpdates” every four weeks or so, I haven’t really written a heartfelt post. I’ve been avoiding it because of the triggers it may cause others, especially those who are still deep in the infertility trenches, those who have had miscarriages, and even those who might have micropreemies and didn’t make it as far as I have in their pregnancies. But I’d be doing myself and Skipper a disservice by not acknowledging some of the amazing things that are happening inside my body.

My poor leg when I got home from the airport. A week later, and I finally lost all that extra fluid... more than two pounds of it!

My poor leg when I got home from the airport. A week later, and I finally lost all that extra fluid… more than two pounds of it! Those lines? They are from my SOCKS constricting my ankles!

I’m currently 27 weeks, 4 days, so there’s a bumpdate coming soon. Ten days ago, I traveled cross-country for the last time this pregnancy (this baby has traveled more than 16,000 miles before she’s even been born!). It was definitely the toughest trip of the pregnancy. On the way back, my legs blew up. I could literally feel my ankles all the way up through my calves expanding on the flight back. By the time I got home, my ankles were more than three times the size they are supposed to be. Just this morning, my body finally released the last of the fluid being held there. It was at least two pounds of fluid (that’s how much I lost… that doesn’t count for the amount of fluid that was replaced by baby weight gain in that timeframe, either!). It feels much better.

But anyway. An amazing thing happened on the trip there. Two amazing things, actually. I had just turned 26 weeks and read that baby could respond to stimuli (consciously) and that it was even good for her development to engage her once a day or a few times a week. How do you engage? By poking/prodding.. or shining a flashlight, or something. Anyway, I was on the plane and hadn’t felt her move that day (it was still relatively early in the morning) and so I started poking at her. About five seconds later… she swiftly kicked back. I did it again… and she again kicked me back. We did this several times back and forth before I decided it was enough stimulus for her. You guys… I played with my daughter for the first time ever. It was the most amazing feeling. I started crying silent tears on the plane.

Not too much later, I was in the bathroom (ok, this is about to get real) needing to pee. Skipper was hanging out on my bladder and I find that when she’s doing that, in order to properly empty my bladder, it’s best to hold my belly up to get the weight off of it. While I was doing this, she moved and squirmed. She was laying such that I could feel her on both sides of my belly, so I think she was transverse… and basically in my hands. I felt my daughter in my hands… it felt like I was holding her squirming body in my hands. I’m so excited for the time that nothing separates us, even my body, and I can hold her and kiss her. I hope she waits until at least late February to come, though.

I have a daughter. And she’s developed enough to play with me… at least in a very basic sense, even though she doesn’t understand the concept of play yet. I basically held her (even though I know my body carries her every day). Holy. Shit. I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and know that I’m incredibly luck to be here and have gotten this far. I realize this and I cherish ever minute of it.



Bumpdate: 21-24 Weeks

This is a big day. As of today, I’m 24 weeks along. Viability. I was told at 16 weeks (when Lulu the 105lb dog) stepped directly on my belly that they wouldn’t do anything to stop labor until baby was viable at 24 weeks. Well, that’s today. Today, if something were to happen and I had contractions, doctors would do all they could to stop them and if baby were to still come, they’d do all they could to save her. It’s a big milestone and I’m SO grateful to be here.

How Far Along? 24 weeks today… woo-hoo!

24 weeks!

24 weeks! So happy to be at “viability” finally. Loving being pregnant SO much. So grateful.

Size of Baby? 12 inches, head to heel, and 1.5 pounds

Maternity Clothes? =Oh yes. Even some of them are starting to creep up in the front and show the bottom of the maternity panel on my jeans.

Weight Gain? Lots. My doctor took me off thyroid meds to “see how I did without them” (even though my levels were perfect ON them) and in that time, I blew up. I’m now sitting at 14 pounds gained… eight of which was in the last four weeks.

Stretch Marks/belly button? No stretch marks, but my belly button is getting awfully shallow. I think I’ll be one of those pregnant women who have outties at some point.

Baby’s Sex? We are definitely having a girl!

Sleep? I’m back to getting up every 2-3 hours. Not that I HAVE to pee, but if I don’t when I wake up and roll over, it’ll end up being painful later. I thinks she’s sitting on my bladder a lot, so I have to go or it hurts holding back.

Food Cravings? Nope! Though I still can’t do super sweet stuff. I could handing able 1/4 piece of German Chocolate cake (which I normally LOVE) at Huzzy’s stepdad’s family reunion

Best Moment This Period? Finally being able to feel her move. And Huzzy feeling her for the first time. It’s special.

What I am loving? Still just loving having this opportunity to be pregnant and the fact that I’m obviously pregnant to those who don’t know me, either. Guys and random  people have no problem asking about the baby because… it’s obvious I have one.

Movement? YES! Finally! I am loving it. All I want to do is have my hand on my belly so I can feel any kicks that are hard enough on the outside AND the inside. If she’s kicking hard enough, I just like watching my belly. Every movement makes me smile (which is kinda inappropriate as a member of a jury right now).

What I’m looking forward to: Continuing this pregnancy for at least 14 more weeks.

Other Updates… We finally have a name! It will not be shared on this blog, though, for safety reasons, but she’s named after six different people. She’ll continue to be called Skipper here… or maybe Sunshine.


Bumpdate: 17-20 Weeks

Holy. Crap. I’m 20 weeks today. That’s halfway (well, if Skipper decides to come on time that is). I’m so incredibly grateful to be here. So I guess it’s time to do another one of these since I haven’t in a month.

16 1/2 weeks. Standing up straight, I can no longer see my feet. Love it!

16 1/2 weeks. Standing up straight, I can no longer see my feet. Love it! Ignore our ugly kitchen floors.

How Far Along?
20 weeks today… woo-hoo!

Size of Baby? 10 inches, head to heel, and 10 1/2oz or the size of a banana

Maternity Clothes? Pants, yes. Tops, yup. For sure now.

Weight Gain? I was starting to worry when I had gone three months without weight gain, but the last two weeks I put on 2 1/2 pounds, so I’m sitting at 6 1/2 pounds total now.

18 1/2 weeks trying on a comfy sweater dress (ignore the white socks with it)

18 1/2 weeks trying on a comfy sweater dress (ignore the white socks with it)

Stretch Marks/belly button? Not yet!

Baby’s Sex? Well, so far it’s a GIRL!  But hopefully we’ll get a confirmation at the anatomy scan next week.

Sleep? Still getting up once or twice a night to use the bathroom and it’s getting really hard to sleep on just my shoulders (due to previous surgery, I can only sleep on my left shoulder for a small amount of time, so my right shoulder gets awfully tired of being slept on).

Food Cravings? Nope, though I’m finally starting to be able to eat SOME sweet stuff again.

Best Moment This Week? Well, best moment this period was finding out the sex. I would say another best was finding out Skipper was ok after 105lb Lulu stepped directly onto  her =(

What I am loving? Still just loving having this opportunity to be pregnant and the fact that I’m obviously pregnant to those who don’t know me, either.

20 weeks. Again trying on a shirt. Needed something for our upcoming trip to Texas.

20 weeks. Again trying on a shirt. Needed something for our upcoming trip to Texas.

Movement? No, but I’m excited to… hopefully this week or next. She’s being stubborn. I *may* have felt something earlier this week, but I’m not entirely sure.

What I’m looking forward to: The anatomy scan and feeling movement. I really, really want to feel this baby.

Other Updates… We are starting to narrow down names and I hope to get a Top 10 from Huzzy (I have mine done) so we can put a Top 20 together and go from there. I also have the color of the nursery pretty much set (a light yellow) but still deciding on if we want other colors or what in there.



Winner Winner!


The wraps I’ve chosen for the giveaway… a StyleBox exclusive, so you can’t buy these anywhere!

So last week I offered up a drawing of a 1/2 sheet of wraps to the person who guessed Skipper’s sex correctly. While I mentioned in yesterday’s reveal that I don’t believe gender can be determined until the child is old enough to identify one way or another and I’m not HUGE on the gender-specific colors, I still decided choose wraps that are traditionally “girl” colors, since we are having a girl.

In fact, the wraps I chose are ones I had a hard time parting with since they are pretty much one-of-a-kind. They came from my August StyleBox and were the exclusive wrap in it (you get one from the catalog and one for only that month’s StyleBox customers)… so you can’t buy these. In fact, I currently have them on right now (they have been on 21 days and are still going strong!). They are SO pretty and the chevron is very “in” right now.

More people chose boy than girl, so odds were pretty good for those who were correct. So without further ado, the winner is…












Name Picker


Congrats, Marie D.!